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The 12 Best Natural & Clean Shampoos For Dry Hair Of 2021

Healthy hair starts in the shower with the right shampoo. You’ll absolutely want something that can properly clean the oil, dirt, skin cells, and pollution off the scalp and strand—you know, buildup can do a number on hair, as it can cause inflammation and will weigh down the style. But here’s the key: without being too harsh and stripping. When you use an option with potent cleansers it can disrupt the scalp’s microbiome, irritate the surrounding skin, and turn strands brittle. Who here wants that?

The latter part is especially important for those with already dry hair: You want formulas that are going to infuse the hair with hydration and nutrients while cleansing (ideally with plant-derived, gentle surfactants). Think of it like a hydrating face wash: You’re still getting rid of the debris, but you’re making sure your skin stays supple in the process. 

And all of the below options deliver just that—and more.

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