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The 11 Best Lotions Of 2021 To Tighten & Tone Crepey Skin

Crepey skin (or when your skin resembles a fragile sheet of crepe paper) happens for a few reasons: Most notably, the thin appearance is exacerbated by a lack of hydration, loss of collagen, and diminished cell turnover—processes that are affected by the natural course of aging as well as environmental influences, like sun exposure, smoking, and pollution. As a result, those larger sun-exposed areas tend to turn crepey most quickly: think upper arms, neck, legs, etc. 

While the best remedy for the tissue-like skin is to delay it in the first place, it is possible to tighten the skin and prevent any more sagging. “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize—this can improve the appearance,” board-certified dermatologist Hadley King, M.D., told us about how to treat crepey skin. And according to board-certified dermatologist Amy Ross, M.D., exfoliating and promoting cell turnover are also key: “Using an exfoliant (whether chemical or physical) will improve the appearance of crepey skin quickly,” she says. 

Given the derms’ top tips, might we suggest a lotion that can do both? Below, find the best moisturizing players that also slough the skin smooth.

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