Texas Values Report on Austin Sex Education with Jennifer Fleck

Jennifer Fleck joins us on the Texas Values Report this week to talk about the radical and hyper-sexualized sex education Austin ISD is trying to sneak past parents.

What Texans do to defend religious liberty, traditional values, and the life of the unborn has a ripple effect across America and the world. This is the podcast for “The Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz,” a conservative talk radio show in Austin, Texas, where each week Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz interviews movers and shakers in the fight to defend faith, family, and freedom in the Lone Star State and beyond.

In each episode, we review what’s going on from the courthouse to the Texas House to the White House and how it all affects your freedom to worship, express yourself, and raise your family.

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2 thoughts on “Texas Values Report on Austin Sex Education with Jennifer Fleck”
  1. Schools are businesses dependent on enrollment. Why does the District want to anger half or more of their clients. I am retired school teacher, principal, and Superintendent. I fought the bizarre off mission topics and finally quit the fight and retired.

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