Testing For Marijuana In 2022 - Do you know your state's laws?

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In this video of the NDS Video Blog series, Joe Reilly discusses what you need to know about testing for marijuana in 2022.

• Should you DROP marijuana from your testing panel?

• Is it even LEGAL to drug test for marijuana anymore?

• Is it dangerous to STOP testing for marijuana?

Joe answers these questions and more, in today’s video.

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•Marijuana In The Workplace: https://www.nationaldrugscreening.com/marijuana-in-the-workplace/

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By admin

10 thoughts on “Testing For Marijuana In 2022 – Do you know your state’s laws?”
  1. 99% of what this fascist does is make life hard for people caught with cannabis METABOLITES in their system. This guy doesn't stop the opioid crisis nor care to. He doesn't help with addiction. All this guy does is make life hard for people with cannabis in their system, not actively using on the job. This guy is such a waste to humanity.

    I feel his whole life savings from this crappy company of his should be used as reprimands for African American's that he kept unemployable. You know this tubby guy drinks. Imagine if alcohol left metabolites in your system for 30 days and you got tested for it and lost a job for that. Man, tubby wouldn't like that.

  2. your not so great at what you do…..marijuana stays in your system so if an "accident occured" that person could of smoked days ago and would test positive. In NYS employers cannot test for marijuana..

  3. I hate people that don’t approve of weed but have nothing to say about alcohol and the many deaths it actually causes every year. There’s a labor shortage but people will still plug their nose up and be picky. Then have your business suffer and have your workload be double or even triple. It’s this kind of employer bullshit that makes me like communism. I don’t need the employer daddy government comes through and they really did. As long as weed is as big of a stigma as it is I will keep voting for communists.

    Even the pauses makes it seem like bald guy is just an ignorant boomer. Enjoy that labor shortage.

  4. He's stuck in the old world of
    marijuana is bad because it's bad therefore it needs to stay bad because it ever was bad.
    He's speaking facts in large part but his motivations are broken.
    He's also talking as if you can't drug test for marijuana in a state where it's legal. An employer can still deny employment to somebody that takes part in things that they want to not allow, such as NASA don't employ astronauts with heart conditions or astronauts that are on heart medications or people that use medical cannabis because there are federal agency and many of the other agencies at Cape Canaveral have similar rulings because of their necessary transactions with federal agencies on the same property.
    In the State of Florida our school system test for marijuana so I did not get to do repairs in county schools because I have a Florida medical card and use medical cannabis but their insurance companies are allowed to worry about anything they want to and that's where the real push for drug testing still is right now.
    This dude talks about how you can't fire somebody for testing positive for weed, but then he says
    at least you'll know and you can have a "conversation" with your employee about it,.
    What does this dude think you're supposed to converse with the employee about exactly?
    and what is that supposed to help?
    (Hey son, I know you got cancer but while you're here at work we expect you to suffer and keep your mind Sharp)

  5. You know how many accidents a year are caused from alcohol yet I know more than half Americans drink on the job, anyone who smokes weed knows not to smoke while working

  6. I Vietnam the Army looked the other way and made zero effort to stop the troops from smoking marijuana. I will be glad when all states completely make marijuana legal. Maybe then the federal government will then legalize marijuana. Police chiefs and sheriff’s continue to lobby against marijuana because it is their big money maker. It accounts for 50 of their arrest and 70% of their money brought in.

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