Terrifying Humanoid Beings Documented in Mongolia For Centuries - The Almas

Nearly every region in the world has a wildman figure, a creature somewhere between animal and human which inhabits the remote areas people don’t live – think of the North American sasquatch and the Himalayan yeti, Bigfoot, and the Abominable Snowman. In the inhospitable mountain regions of western Mongolia, there exists a similar creature known simply as the Almas. Amongst all Wildman figures on earth, the Almas is unique. While most exist only in legend or perhaps in grainy, inconclusive photos, the Almas have been documented and observed for centuries, not only by ordinary people but by scientists and explorers, government officials, and military personnel. It has been said that the Almas “stands at the crossroad of science and legend.” The question is, where does this crossroad lead?

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