Teens, Young Adults, and STDs video

Health education presentation about various sexually transmitted diseases, symptoms, prevention, and treatment


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      I was diagnosed with GENITAL HERPES VIRUS in 2012 , my doctor told me it has no  cure, this virus affected me so badly that i was so ashamed of myself and the burning and outbreaks was so horrible , this continued until a friend of mine Anna told me about Dr HASSAN, who cured her mother from GENITAL HERPES, I contacted this herbal doctor and he sent me the herbal medicine through courier service, when i received it i took the herbal liquid medication for 3 week with the instruction and i was totally cured from GENITAL HERPES VIRUS permanently within 3 weeks of usage and my text results came out negative, it's been 2 years now and I have never taken any other medication . if you are passing through the same problem you can contact him via his email or WhatsApp you should order for his natural herbal treatment, reach him through his contact information
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  2. I used Dr Madida herbal medicine for 3 weeks and my herpes virus was  gone, you should try this because even recently my Dad told me that he got cured from his POTS in using his herbal remedies too, I never knew that my Dad know this herbal doctor even down to his YouTube channel. I am so happy that this herbal doctor is really helping people.

  3. l’m super excited! #DrChala is the only person who help you
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  4. I will never forget the day I came across dr igho channel on YouTube, I will always keep it memorable, thank you doctor for helping me treat & cure my infection naturally & for putting a preety smile in my face, God bless you

  5. Living with the infection of STD & not been able to have a healthy life was messing up my life until I got some super herbs from Dr igho YouTube channel, I haven't had any symptoms for some while now, after I did a test & I'm planning to get another test done, Am grateful & advise you help yourself also

  6. Meeting Dr Igho YouTube channel is like meeting GOD himself because what you did in my life is what no other doctor can't do, Thank you for Dr Igho for helping me cure my infection naturally, you are a life saver & may God bless you

  7. I am Dr Dallax an African Specialized  herbal doctor using pure roots and medicinal herbs to cure any form of STDs or ailment unknown to English medicine. My benefit is to see you completely cured and testify of natural remedies….

  8. I started taking the medication I bought from Dr Igho channel on youTube and surprisingly it was working gradually and in 9days everything changed. I am really excited that you cured me naturally and I pray that God strengthens you Dr Igho

  9. I want to use this opportunity to thank Dr Oyagu for the great work he has done for me and my cousin sister who was cured from Cancer with his herbal supplement, I was cured from herpes virus through his herbal remedy and my cousin sisters was also cured from Cancer. This is a great testimony for what Dr Oyagu Has done for me and my cousin sister . I’m giving this testimony so that those of you out there can contact him while he keeps saving my relatives. Send him a Dm and get a better health totally. Contact him via WhatsApp +2348101755322 or Email address:oyaguherbalhome@gmail.com you can also reach him on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCus4R-j5aMvHON8y-pi4Bfw 🥬 ,

  10. All thanks to Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my genital herpes virus with his nature herbs which I got from him after a friend told me of how his herbs cured her genital herpes virus too.

  11. Good news shall always come to you Dr osaye for giving me your word and keeping to it,now I’m finally free from (ELS)
    After a lot of shame God still did it through a great man like you, I appreciate you doctor..

  12. I can finally be among those to give the testimony, I am so greatful to #drosaye for introducing his herbal medications across the world it has helped and done lots of foot to human health,I’m so happy that when I go for a ELS test I came back negative thank you so much doctor..

  13. From day one I always know that no problem doesn’t have a solution,but still I was thinking of how to get rid of my lymphoid ectopic virus because I couldn’t stand it anymore,but I was suddenly recommended to Dr osaye due to the testimonies I saw, I also saw him on Instagram and then ordered the medicine, I finally came out negative for my test result thanks Dr I appreciate your kind gesture..

  14. Thanks Dr osaye for being the perfect doctor I found,I couldn’t imagine living with hsv virus for the rest of my life,because it has been said that the virus cannot be cured,but thank God I finally got a cure and after 3 months I haven’t seen any blisters and have been tested negative thank you so much Dr you have a way of making things better..

  15. Humbly appreciate your kind gesture Dr osaye,you have always able to help with any health issues,the herpes virus was something the world thought has no cure but I’m happy to say today that I’ve been cured and I’m glad to have you as my doctor..

  16. Thank God that I already found a herbal cure to the HSV1/2 virus,it wasn’t easy going through pain and shame in all part of the body,for the fact that the virus was so critical,I was unable to get married, but I still do thank God that in every situation he finds a way out thanks Dr osaye for being the God sent so happy I got recommended to you..

  17. Humbly appreciate your kind gesture Dr osaye,you have always able to help with any health issues,the lymphoid ectopic virus was something the world thought has no cure but I’m happy to say today that I’ve been cured and I’m glad to have you as my doctor..

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