Teen Pregnancy Rates in Colorado Drop!

Holy Cow. We thought the first news that Colorado’s birth rates were dropping was big. And it was. But the news keeps getting bigger and BIGGER.

You all have been talking about it and making the move to decide if and when to become parents. Colorado’s birth rate for 15-19 year olds dropped 54% — more than over the past seven years. And for 20-24 year olds, it’s down 30%. A few years ago about half the pregnancies were unplanned, and now with abortion rates coming down (63% for 15-19 year olds and 41% for 20-24 year olds) and birth rates coming down, we have to figure that more pregnancies are planned.

More than numbers, this has real-life impact. Unplanned pregnancies have far reaching impact on people – they can make it tough to finish college, be a strain on your housing and income, cause stress for you and others, and impact your health and that of the baby’s. No wonder the state set it as a priority to help more people plan for when they want to get pregnant.

It turns out that more and more of you are using implants and IUDs – birth control methods that are pretty “whoops proof”. Once you have them in you don’t need to do anything else to prevent pregnancy. More people have been able to afford these methods – and they are playing a big role in why birth rates are coming down. We’re thinking, too, that maybe you’re thinking and talking about all this a bit more having Beforeplay.org around (blush).

So give yourself a little pat on the back for being part of Colorado’s success. And if you want to learn more about great birth control or where to find a clinic that can help you use or switch your method, we’re here to help. While we’re talking sexual health – be sure you’re doing what you can to protect you and your partner from STIs. Talk about it and decide if you’re going to use condoms – or get tested and stick with one partner. You’re worth keeping healthy in every way.

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