It should not come as any surprise that talking to babies when pregnant is beneficial to babies. After all, they get to hear their mothers’ voices, they can get exposed to music, and they can even hear their dads talk to them so that all of these sounds and voices are differentiated while in utero and familiar when they are born. Talking also helps with brain and language development, according to WebMD, and can help relax babies as well. Something that makes talking to babies while in utero essential. But even more essential is that taking care of babies while pregnant aids moms’ health as well. A fact that may come as a shock to those expecting.


Pregnancy can be a time of stress and fear of the unknown, neither of these is good for mothers-to-be to pass along to their babies. But when women take the time to talk to their little ones as they develop, many of those feelings can dissipate. Leaving both babies and mothers in a better place mentally and physically, all as a result of a bit of conversation from those expecting their babies.

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Here is how talking to babies while pregnant aids moms’ health.

Talking To Baby Bump Can Lower Stress

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When mothers’ stress levels are high, it can negatively affect the health of babies as they develop, according to PregnancyBirth&Baby. Stress can also impact the mental and physical health of those who are expecting. Because of this, keeping stress levels as low as possible during pregnancy is beneficial for both women and babies. Something that can be accomplished all by talking to the baby bump.

Feelings of stress can be remedied when conversations about said feelings are had. That is why when women talk about how they feel during pregnancy, they can feel lighter as feelings of stress are relieved.

In conjunction with talking to others, talking to baby bumps can also help women sort out their feelings. By putting feelings of stress out in the universe, they are being admitted. When they are admitted, they can be dealt with. And as a result, both women and their unborn babies are healthier for it.

Helps Moms Create A Bond With Their Babies

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Women may think that it is easy to feel a bond with their unborn babies. And for some it is. For other women, it is not so cut and dry. This is why being mindful and taking time to intentionally talk to babies will help build this bond.

According to Virtue Baby, when mothers participate in prenatal bonding sessions, they “clear their minds to connect with their babies.” This is done by “closing the mind” to any and all stressors surrounding women and “opening the heart and the body” to be able to communicate with babies and build a bond with them. A process that brings calm to both women and their babies every time intentional bonding is done.

This process not only brings women and their unborn babies closer during pregnancy but can be used during the early years of childhood as well. Meaning that if women are willing to put aside any stressors and just be present with their little ones, that bonded feeling that was present before and at the time of birth will be present in the years after babies are born as well.

Listening To Music Together Affects Both A Woman & Baby’s Brain

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Music is “medicine for the brain,” according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. This is because music is beneficial in several ways. Those ways, per the publication, include:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves mood
  • Keeps the mind alert
  • Increases memory

When women are pregnant, taking time to listen to music with their baby bumps will not only affect the development of babies’ brains, it will help reduce the stress and anxiety that women are feeling during their pregnancies. And if women want to sing while listening to music, all the better for her overall health.

The interaction between baby bumps and those carrying them is crucial not only for the health of the babies developing but for the mental and physical health of women while expecting as well. Therefore, do not feel silly about speaking to babies during pregnancy. It will become second nature in the days before babies are born so that when they arrive, it feels natural to talk to little ones and develop their brains even further.

Source: WebMD, PregnancyBirth&Baby, Virtue Baby, Johns Hopkins Medicine

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