Syphilis POC and RPR Test

This video is about Syphilis POC and RPR Test source

Angular Cheilitis Simplified

Contents: Synonyms, Predisposing factors, Clinical features, Treatment, Differential diagnosis & Clinical pictures. source

Syphilis and HIV: What It Means If Someone Has Both

Syphilis and HIV are two sexually transmitted infections (STIs). When either one is untreated, serious health…

I've never seen Monkeypox spread like this before

Monkeypox is spreading around the globe in a way that hasn’t been spread before. Scientists at…

Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( Chancroid and LGV) COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION

STD s are commonly asked NEET PG asked questions. The short video foccuses on difference between…

PLHIV | Got these huge pimples all over my body, Syphilis nga ba? | JohnyBee

I’m HIV+ ( Person Living with HIV ) Diagnosed: October 2021, dealing with AIDS 4 This…


For More Video Update:- Subscribe to our Youtube Channel As Per Syllabus of Dr. APJ Abdul…

WEBINAR | COVID-19 pre-exposure prophylaxis (prevention) with monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies may play an important role in preventing COVID-19 in people who do not have…

Sífilis gestacional y sífilis congénita en Colombia


Al Capone in photo's

Al Capone would become America’s most famous bootlegger, an odd distinction since Capone would always be…


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