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SYPHILIS in Adults and CONGENITAL SYPHILIS in Babies | Sexually Transmitted Infections

In this video, we’ll learn about syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection that has multiple stages and presentations and is one of the STIs that can infect a developing baby cause several birth defects. The study of syphilis called the Tuskegee Study is also a very important piece of medical history to learn.

00:00 SYPHILIS in Adults and CONGENITAL SYPHILIS in Babies | Sexually Transmitted Infections
00:23 Introduction
01:01 What is syphilis?
01:17 How is syphilis transmitted?
01:36 How can I avoid becoming infected with syphilis
02:14 What are the symptoms of syphilis?
04:01 What are the long-term complications of syphilis?
04:10 What is the treatment for syphilis?
04:40 Can I be infected with syphilis again?
04:57 Tuskegee Study
05:30 Conclusion

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