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Syllables and Word Stress – English Pronunciation Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn about syllables and stress in English.
Do you know what stress means? It’s one of the most important pronunciation points in English.
When you speak English, do other people find it difficult to understand what you’re saying? If so, you might not be using stress correctly.
Pronouncing words with the correct stress can make a big difference to your English: your English will immediately sound clearer and more natural.

NOTE: there is an error at 1:41 – the stress marker in the IPA transcription of ‘banana’ should be on the 2nd syllable, rather than the 1st: /bə’nɑːnə/.

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1. How to Count Syllables 0:40
2. How to Pronounce Stress 2:43
3. Stress in Two-Syllable Words 5:16
4. Stress in Longer Words 7:33
5. Contrasts and Vowel Reductions 11:16

In this lesson you’ll learn:

– What syllables are, and how to count the syllables of a word
– Introduction to word stress
– How to pronounce word stress in English
– How to hear the word stress when listening in English
– Rules for finding the stress of a word in English

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35 thoughts on “Syllables and Word Stress – English Pronunciation Lesson

  1. I really hope you guys answer my question , Does the rule of making a longer word of a shorter root words have anything to do with the rule of stress in prefixes and suffixes ?!! And please if there is such a video you made about this topic write down the link in your replay ! Thanks in advance ♥️

  2. Can you explain why the stress is on "s" in the words like 'expensive', 'explain', 'expose', 'expatriate' and 'exclude'? I mean, 'ex' is the first syllable in these words and it's pronounced like "eks". How come the stress mark is on the last part of the first syllable ('s') treating 's' as if it is a part of the second syllable? I'd be grateful if you answered. Thanks in advance.

    PS: if you didn't get the question, I can explain more.

  3. I learned this lesson in kindergarten way back and I'm in high school now and trying to learn it and as a kid I was confused but now I guess I kind of understand it better than what I did as a kid but still a little bit confused.

  4. When I was young, why did my english teacher never teach me the most important part of english level like this? He left me confused. Sometimes I learn so much when native english speakers are talking with me, I pinpoint a lot the dos and the don'ts, and I'm like, wow, why their intonation in their pronunciation doesn't sound monotone and flat like mine does? They seem to sing it, and I like it. And right now, I get your video. Thank's, anyway. Never run out of ideas to help us improve our english skill ! Your video is so helpful to many million people who are not native, I'm one.

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