Surgical & Non-surgical Penis Length Increase

Penis Length Increase

We do not recommend or advocate the efficacy of penile surgery
of any kind, as it may lead to serious consequences and side effects. To
question in the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, the
answer published in the British medical journal says that it is possible to
increase the penis size of an erect and flaccid penis, but it is a major
surgical activity and one must not take it lightly. However, this surgery is no
guarantee that it will give the desired outcome one might hope for.

does the penis length increase surgery happen?

The surgery to increase the penis length involves the cutting of the penile suspensory ligament. This ligament binds the penis to the pubic arch. This is not as simple a solution as it may sound. This is a complex surgery and may have severe consequences because the ligament is crucial. The penis will fall away from the pubis if the ligament is clinically cut. This gives the patient a feeling that his penis length has increased, maybe for a couple of centimeters. Your penis will lose the normal erection angle. 

Also, the penis length increase will not increase the length of the skin. The skin will be pulled onto the penile shaft and you may see the pubic hair growing from the shaft of the penis which is awkward to look at.

Penis girth increase surgery

There is another surgical method that enhances penile girth. This is done by injecting the harvested fatty tissue sourced externally from elsewhere. This has significant risks of resulting in an uneven, lumpy look, and doctors cannot assure patient satisfaction.

It is important to note that biologically we may see a wide variation
in penis size naturally similar to what we see in height, weight, and other physical
attributes of a human body.

Penis Length increase surgery needed?

Thus, what may seem small to you is highly likely to be normal
penis size. Surgery involves uncertainties about results, as in any other forms
of clinical cosmetic surgery. Men around the world often have unrealistic
expectations and may get disappointed by the outcome of the surgery.

The media advertisements popularize penile size increase
techniques. You can see the advertisements in the back of leading publications
recommending trying any of their DO It YOURSELF (DIY) methods. All these
DIY techniques may not work for every male.

After surgery, when the surgery pain and the swelling disappear, the patient may find it embarrassing to realize that his penis length was never increased.

Doctors do not recommend penile elongation surgery as the first line of treatment, as it is complicated, may not produce the desired result. Both urology and plastic surgery methods need to be implemented for the surgery. Men seeking elongation surgery may not have realized that they have normal penis length. However, for some psychological reasons, they have perceived it as small. This psychological state is called ‘penile dysmorphophobia’. 

Normal Penis length

We need to be educated and know how to measure the accurate length of our penises. It is important to know that to get the correct penis length, we should not measure the flaccid penis because this is of limited significance, even medically. You need to know to measure the stretched penis length (SPL) by stretching the flaccid penis and not measure the erected penile length. It is the best condition to measure as the normal erect penile length is the actual length of your penis and not the flaccid length. Most men are worried about the flaccid penile length.

Penis perceived to be small – Penile

Even though most men have a normal penile length, they seek treatment for penis elongation. Most men have functionally adequate for a sexual activity like intercourse and reproductively.

Men, who perceive their penis to be small despite having a
normal length, suffer from either penile dysmorphophobia disorder or small
penis anxiety/syndrome.

In both conditions, men consistently are worried about their penis length and think the mean penis size for other men is much higher. Males around the world are obsessed to get a longer penis because they watch that in porn, erotic movies. This makes them believe that a bigger penis gives higher gratification to their female partners.

This psychological effect on men may lead to severe depression and anxiety. This may further lead to social and occupational anxiety and sexual/erectile dysfunction. This kind of erectile dysfunction is called psychogenic erectile dysfunction that leads to severe sexual dissatisfaction in men, even with men having a normal libido.

Non-surgical method – Penile Traction

PTD is used to help patients, who need nonsurgical treatment, with penile elongation. This is a natural alternative to penis length increase surgery. PTD holds the penis and delicately applies pressure to stretch the tissue and thus increasing the penile tissue length. The medical equipment manufacturers have created multiple brands of these devices. 

One is recommended to apply PTD between 4 to 6 hours a day. In a study to determine the efficacy of PTD, men, after 2 months, were asked to apply PTD for 9 hours per day. The results of the application were quite encouraging as patients unanimously approved that this has improved the Penis length after applying PTD for 3 to 6 months and they were very satisfied. There has been an increase between 1 to 3 cm of the flaccid or SPL in different studies.

Surgical Penile augmentation

As a surgical procedure, you can even inject extraneous materials to increase penis size. There are many such injectable materials that are widely available in the open market as liquid silicone, mineral oil, hyaluronic acid, and polyacrylamide,. These injectable materials are not risk-free and may cause significant foreign body reactions leading to the swelling of tissues and affecting penile distortion and granulomas. 

Surgical penile ligament cutting

The suspensory ligament keeps the penis attached to the pubic symphysis. This ligament acts as the mobile point and support for the penis during an erection. This attachment helps the penis from getting dislodged and from moving further outward. Surgically cutting and releasing the ligament allows the penis to lie in such a position, giving the patient a feeling that the penis length has increased. Release of the suspensory ligament is an accepted surgery for people who are seeking a penis length increase by surgery. You need to be careful before opting for it because it has a significant risk to the penis, creating further complications in your penis.


Men who are complaining of having a small penis need to be thoroughly examined from the psychological point of view before treating them medically. Doctors may go for testosterone therapy first and do a detailed psychiatric assessment to understand the patient’s expectations and understanding of his penis size. 

Medical science has developed multiple surgical techniques, each
with its limitations, and doctors have reviewed them. We need more medical
researchers before coming to any conclusion or single out the most effective
method for penile size augmentation.

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