Support Black Birth Businesses — Birth Becomes You

We wanted to take a moment to share our stance on what has been happening across the US (and world) this last week after the horrific death of George Floyd.

As birth photographers and birth workers, we believe that birth is political. We live in a country where Black birthing people and babies are far more likely to die in childbirth than white people. (This is not an opinion. This is a fact). Racism infiltrates every aspect of our lives, and birth is no different.

We firmly believe that Black Lives Matter and that our job as white women is to amplify the voices of Black people and to actively work to dismantle racist systems and ideals (both within and in our community). This is an important issue and we cannot be silent about it or ignore it any longer. We are all responsible to bring change. If your response to this post is alllivesmatter, then you have some big work to do. We are happy to have a discussion with you and to help you understand why this is actually a racist statement.

Earlier this year, we donated several thousand dollars to Birth Detroit, and we are committed to continuing to send money to non-profits and organizations focused on Black maternal health AND run by Black people. White folks: it’s time to listen, to learn, to dismantle, to do the hard work of recognizing our own privilege…and then to start actively working to bring change. We ask you to join us.

This week, we have shared on our social media pages, Black owned businesses focusing on birth work or photography. We are committed to working to bring about change. One way we can do that is to donate our dollars to Black owned businesses. Here is a list of several birth businesses, from midwives to birth centers, to artists.

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