Supplementation For Nerve Regeneration – Accelerating Nerve Injury Recovery

Supplementation For Nerve Regeneration – Accelerating Nerve Injury Recovery – Today I take a deep dive into the current research on supplementation for peripheral nerve recovery! While most traditional medications only target nerve pain and do nothing to improve the rate of recovery – there are supplements that have been studied that can actually accelerate nerve regeneration!


30 thoughts on “Supplementation For Nerve Regeneration – Accelerating Nerve Injury Recovery

  1. i have L3 and L5 degenerated discs, hip arthritis and this causes sciatica and dreadful stiffness and pain everyday, i also have very sharp electric shock pains that come on in random parts of my body and under my heel. i started to use Benfotiamine which helps a bit…how much lipoic acid would be safe for me to take if i also have fibromyalgia and acid reflux please?

  2. I've had painful neuropathy for nearly 20 years and I'm tired of it and I get ZERO help from doctors except pain meds. and I get treated like a drug dealer at the pain centers , pill count is always perfect and never failed a drug test , there's no reason to be treated this way , I didn't choose to be in pain and it pisses me off to see the people that had a good time on drugs and now they're hooked and the courts send them to the help centers and they get petted and felt sorry for and get all kinds of help from the government and other sources but me my body chose this not me and I get treated like the frigging drug dealer and no help from nobody , they just try and throw another pill at me , we nerve pain people need help.

  3. Folks not mentioned here but research it for yourself
    There are different types of ALA
    The one you want is ALA-R
    The “ R” is what to look for
    I’m surprised how many times I see that particular “ R” type is missed.
    Check it out !

  4. Dr Markel, I hope you get to see my message. A month and a half ago I went for a CTScan and the nurse accidentally blew my vein. I had an infiltration with the contrast and once the body absorbed the contrast and the swell went down I started having nerve pain, giving me tingling on both of my arms and legs. Do an ultrasound and the vein has healed but I continue to have pain on the inside of my left arm and also from the inside of my wrist to my elbow. The Dr requested an MRI and showed that my C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7 has small perineural cysts and c-6-c7 I have a mild canal stenosis. Will these supplements would help with nerves and the tingling part? And for how long should I take to see some results? Thank you

  5. It would have been great 🙏if you could have included the supplement doses chart link, or your "cheat sheet" link you showed in your video! So we could print it, and learn it! 👍Could you please 🙏post a link for that dosage cheat sheet? Thank you! Very Much Appreciated!

  6. Melatonin is a hormone and one should do some serious research before taking it. It isn't harmless. Just ask any nurse / 3rd shift worker who has taken it for a good period of time.

  7. I want to share to everyone that I cured my Herpes Virus with Dr Aluda herbal supplement.all thanks to Aisha Hussaini for directing me to Dr Aluda.i now believe in Naturals

  8. Dr. Markle, is there any place to find the cheat sheet with the disages? I can't make it out from the video.
    Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I appreciate a concise summary of the different supplements.

    Both my brother and I show symptoms of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and we're trying to heal ourselves because there is no diagnosis of the underlying causes.

  9. Doctor thank you very much for sharing this important information. Would you be able to share insight into the treatment of Lyme disease using Stevia? I just got news if this and would like to know more. Have a good day.

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