You might have heard of using sun lamps or light therapy lamps to treat a number of conditions. Sun lamps are a great way to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and sleep disorders caused by a disruption of the circadian rhythm which is the body’s internal clock.

I have listed my Top Picks of the best lamps on the market to treat SAD and insomnia.

#1 Winner – Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Lamp

Carex Day Light Classic Plus Lamp
Carex Day Light Classic Plus Lamp

Pros – Adjustable height and angle, glare-free, white lamp
250 square inch, 10,000 lux

Cons – Some complaints the light is not bright enough

The Carex Day Light Classic Plus Lamp comes doctor recommend by Doctor Michael Holick in his book titled, “The Vitamin D Solution”. Note: Using this a sun lamp does not affect your vitamin D levels. This light therapy lamp is designed to treat circadian sleep disorders, low energy, jet lag and shift work adjustment. It is safe and easy to use with UV filtered light for your utmost comfort.

For maximum benefit light adjustment is from above. For eye safety, 99.3% of UV is blocked. Bulbs are flicker-free and meets industry standards.

How does light therapy work?
It works by adjusting the circadian rhythm or the body’s internal clock with external night and day.

Who can benefit from using sun lamps?
Anyone with sleep issues, or someone who suffers from a lack of sunlight can benefit from the use of light therapy. Most conditions it is best to use the light right after waking up. For maximum benefit place your sun lamp above your line of vision. Face the lamp with your eyes open but do not stare directly into the light. Light therapy is a perfect solution for those looking to improve the quality of their sleep, increase their energy and elevate their mood.

FAQs on the Carex Day Light Classic Plus Lamp:

Can I wear my glasses while using the lamp?
Yes, there is no problem in wearing glasses while you use the lamp.

Is the lamp available in 220v

Can you tell me the height range?
The height range is 28.7 inches from the top of base, light is able to be adjusted to 31″.

Is the light blue or white?
The light is a white light. Works great in the winter months to chase away those blues.

#2 Winner Verilux HappyLight Deluxe
Light Therapy Lamp

Verilux HappyLight Deluxe
 Light Therapy Lamp
Verilux HappyLight Deluxe
Light Therapy Lamp

Pros – 10,000 lux, portable, adjustable brightness

Cons – No timer, not adjustable

The Verilux HappyLight has the option to adjust the brightness with 4 brightness levels. The newest feature of this sun lamp is HappyHue, which offers 3 different temperature settings from white light, warm light and daylight. The Verilux light therapy lamp has a large LED lens size and a countdown timer. The small portable design makes it perfect to use anywhere you want to go, at the home, office or traveling.

This light therapy lamp evenly distributes LED light, is flicker and glare free with 144 LED lights and has passed internationally recognized safety tests for visions making it safe for the skin and eyes.

What benefits will you get from using the Verilux HappyLight Light Therapy Lamp? The lamp mimics the sunshine by use of full spectrum light without the use of any harmful UV rays to enhance your sleep, mood and concentration. The bright light in the early morning hours helps to stimulate the hormones of the body that regulate the sleep-wake cycles. Using light therapy helps to combat the winter blues by enhancing your mood. Reduce fatigue and slugginess by giving you more energy and focus.

How do you use the Verilux sun lamp? To use be sure to use your HappyLight within four hours of waking up in the morning. By doing so this will mimic the morning sunshine. The recommended distance to sit from the Verilux HappyLight is up to 24″. For full benefits use your light for 20 to 60 minutes. The closer the sun lamp is to your face than the less time is needed to use. Customize your experience using the Verilux light therapy lamp by setting the timer, adjusting the brightness and HappyHue giving you the most comfort.

FAQs on the Verilux HappyLight Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp

How long do the bulbs last?
Average lifespan of the bulbs are 35,000 hours

How has this been tested for blue light safety?
Testing is done by a third party in an independent lab that is compliant with the IEC 62471 Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems

How long is the power cord?
Power cord is 6 feet long approximately

On the Kelvin scale what are the different color temperatures?
The Kelvin for each color setting is 3000k, 4000k and 5000k

How far away can this reach for the 10,000 lux?
It delivers 10,000 lux at the highest intensity setting of 6″

#3 Northern Light Technology Light Therapy Light Box

Northern Technology Light Therapy Lamp

Pros: Lightweight, powerful, portable
Cons: Not adjustable
Offers 10,000 lux of diffuse light therapy, up to 12 inches
100,000 lux summer day
500 lux bright office
100 lux home lighting
UV blocked
No flicker or hum

Save energy and money with these long lasting fluorescent lights. These lights will last for years giving you 20,000 hour duration. Replacement bulbs are available.

Plan on traveling abroad? No worries you can take your light therapy lamp with you. This light therapy lamp comes with a plug adapter.

Can it cause sun damage?
No, the lamp can not cause sun damage. It blocks UV and is helpful for seasonal depression.

Do you get the same benefits if you sit in front of the light with your eyes closed?
In order to receive the healing benefit of the light your eyes must be open. Do not though stare directly into the light, but your eyes must be open for the light to enter.

What if it bothers your eyes? Should you sit farther away or use for less time?
If you are taking any type of medications please consult with your doctor as some medications can make you light sensitive. It is recommened to use the lamp for an hour each day preferably first thing in the morning. You should be using 16 inches for an hour or 30 minutes at 12 inches.
If you find the light is bothering your eyes, try sitting farther back and gradually increasing getting closer over a two week period. If you do not sit close enough and long enough you will not receive the healing benefits of the lamp.

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