Sudden Drop in Milk Supply? 8 Possible Culprits

There are few things more stressful for a breastfeeding mother than to feel like her milk supply suddenly dropped out of nowhere!


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6 thoughts on “Sudden Drop in Milk Supply? 8 Possible Culprits”
  1. I hv no breastmilk supply that tym….. i my taken proper balance diet i dont know why …now my10 month baby not taking any thing … is there any solution to increase the supply

  2. My milk supply suddenly dropped following having contracted COVID about 2 weeks ago. It has been a week since I ended my quarantine and my supply has not returned to normal. I exclusively pump every 2-3 hours and bottle that to give my 3 month old. I normally could get 4-5 ounces a session but I have only been able to get around 2 ounces each session now and am not sure what else to do to get it back up. I also take milk of moringa and fenugreek supplements daily. Suggestions welcome!

  3. My supply dropped to like 10 percent of my usually milk volume within less than 48 hours of getting Mirena IUD. This is so crazy, I was never told that this could drastically reduce how much milk my body produces. Thank you for the video

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