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Study reveals AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines linked to rare neurological side effects

“화이자•AZ 백신 접종 부작용, 희귀 신경계 질병 발생할 수 있다”

Both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines have been linked to rare, but potentially serious, neurological complications.
Following research from the University of Oxford on more than 32 million people in England,… analysts found 38 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome per 10 million people given the AstraZeneca vaccine,… which can result in numbness, tingling and muscle weakness.
There were around 60 cases of hemorrhagic stroke per 10 million given the Pfizer vaccine.
However, experts pointed out that not getting vaccinated is still more dangerous.

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2021-10-27, 12:00 (KST)


20 thoughts on “Study reveals AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines linked to rare neurological side effects

  1. These are people! Mothers, Father's, Sister's, Brother's, Grandparents…. and the list goes on and on.

  2. If there is no protocol for aspiration of the injection prior to administration then there is perhaps the similar odds of risk for injection into vein, small capillaries, or the subcutaneous tissue instead of the muscle.

  3. Australia and New Zealand and even Indonesia, Malaysia need to stand together and fight these demons in their governments…before you all come under CCO control. – permanently. Pls Keep those f&#ing 👿💀☠demons out of your countries ‼‼‼‼👊✊ or you will lose all your tourism, pride, cultures and land. I pray- I pray 🙏. Hard ‼‼ that God will intervene very soon. Become more self-sufficient and go back to basic family values 🙏🙏 bee if you are vaccinated then you will need all the support from the unvaccinated very soon. I am talking blood 💉 donations required by the millions. Don't break those bridges. Blood will become the new number one commodity 💉 very soon. Zombie 🧟 is no more Hollywood fiction folks.

  4. It seems reasonable to say that since all the vaccines mechanisms of action is the production of the same spike proteins, the side effects will mostly be the same. One dose may be worth the risk because it will vastly reduce the chance of death, I would not want to risk taking a series of jabs on vaccines that don't have two and five year safety data.

  5. from australia…

    so, we "had record numbers of vaccinations" and "achieved the target of 80% fully vaccinated". within only a few weeks.

    then at least three weeks later, we still seem to be at "80% fully vaccinated" with "lockdowns ended and restrictions eased" but still with "vaccinations increasing daily"…

    and of course, every five minutes on every station, radio, tv, whatever… "get vaccinated, get jabbed, get vaccinated". in between all the "get vaccinated or you will have no job, get vaccinated or you cant go to this shop or that cafe, or watch football ever again"…

    i cant help but think that the real reason these "lockdowns ended" was because of the attention our military presence was earning from other countries, how in the worlds eyes, we had gone completely mad. premier clamouring for lockdowns resigned, getting done for corruption, etc etc…

  6. I have been an anti-vaxxer for 10 years and against taking tablets and disbelief in modern medicine for 4 years. This shit is why! BAN THE COVID VACCINES! Medicine makes you sicker than the disease.

  7. Seriously you people just finding this out. 😃😃why do you think yutube cencoring comments and post its because we have known this fact from last year please.

  8. Serious problem with the statement is that NOT getting vaccinated is still more dangerous. No, this is completely non-science based. According to the right statistical journals (which is non funded by big pharmaceuticals), ARR (Absolute Risk Reduction) of all COVID 19 vaccines is around 1 % and NNV (Number Need to Vaccinated in order to prevent 1 more infection) is 80-100 people. The figures all media talk about is RRR (Relative Risk Reduction) didn't consider large population baseline background numbers of placebo groups. That's why the efficacy % is too high which if over exaggerated. Therefore, all marketed vaccines are pretty useless to prevent COVID 19 infections, especially when considering life threatening, debilitating side effects. COVID 19 is not serious or dangerous any more, only elderlies or people believe themselves have weak immunity can have vaccines, but others do not have to. Will do more serious harm than benefit, especially younger generations.

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