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Stress Management Video (with former CEO)

With former CEO. Stress management video. What stress management techniques worked for me in my CEO role, and what may work for you too. How CEOs handle stress. Subscribe to learn how you can get hired and advance your career.

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This is another video in my series called “Q&A”. I will be answering viewers’ questions on careers, job interviews, and hiring, as well as entrepreneurship, and general business questions, including “How to Pass a Panel Interview – Group Interview Preparation” and many more. Please see the other videos in my “Get Hired” and “Q&A” playlists for more tips. To learn the most effective tips to get hired fast, subscribe to my channel!

In this stress management video, I discuss various stress management techniques, what stress management techniques I used in my CEO role, how I handled stress, what didn’t work, what C-level executives and CEOs do to deal with stress, what differentiates them from “normal” people in their ability to handle stress, and answering your questions.


(Please note: I own the copyright to all music contained in this video, and can provide verification upon request.)


15 thoughts on “Stress Management Video (with former CEO)

  1. This resonated with me. I start at ETrade here soon and one of the interview questions was, after two months of training and 6 months in working in the job, what is going to keep you from quitting when you’re having a hard time? From this video I got that expressing your feelings and not locking them up is key. Would you suggest anything else for future me in 8 or so months?

  2. Hi Bill… that was cool! Thanks for answering this question, I think very relevant !
    I showed the video to my mum, she doesnt understand a word of English but she loved to see you answered my question and she thinks you are awesome too! She may subscribe as well lol!
    This really made my day 😉😉 thanks a lot!! 🤜🤛

  3. You hit the nail on the head with the sociopathic comment. I think a lot of CEO types and management types are narcissistic bordering on sociopathy. Unfortunately this can spell doom for a local team or work group all the way up to the whole organization.

  4. Mr. Bill, your words are completely relatable. I talked through this video with my wife. She said these people have no face, but can smile. No dignity, but dressed well. No integrity, but high social hierarchy. Your voice penetrates deep for this perspective. Well done~!

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