Stress Management - Part 2

Stress Management

Stress is caused by an anticipatory cause of an unknown fear of a situation not yet occurred.
We have a total of 3 Responses to fear :
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Stress causes havoc in our physical , psychological , mental and emotional state .
It reduces productivity, causes illnesses if not handled in time.

4 As of stress management
1. Avoid unnecessary situations, people and the Extras on your “to do list”
2. Altar the situation . Have a balanced schedule , add element of fun and play . Express your feelings & don’t take anything personally
3. Adopt the stressor. by reducing your expectations, by practicing gratitude, look at the big picture,
4. Accept the things you can’t change . Have support group where you can express freely . Change your outlook . learn to forgive yourself and others . Look for the gift in each situation.

Sahar Gharachorlou LifeCoach

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