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Story in One Image Part One — Birth Becomes You

Birth is unique. Regardless of how many births a birth photographer attends, there is always a special story to tell. Sometimes an image depicts a story of intense power and strength during labor and delivery. On other occasions, an image reveals the intimacy in birth such as a husband carrying his wife as she tires through labor. Here at Birth Becomes You, we believe that by making birth visible, we can reduce fear and encourage all families to embrace their birth stories with anticipation, knowledge, and joy. 

This collection of images was curated from our Birth Becomes You Facebook community for professional birth photographers from around the world. Each week we have a photo “theme,” and photographers are encouraged to share images that resonate for them. Last week’s theme was #storyin1image. We hope these images help tell the many stories of birth. Please enjoy this collection and check back for more.

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