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Still Coughing After COVID? | Sensory Neuropathic Cough (SNC)

In this video, Dr. Robert W. Bastian explains three explanations for coughing in the context of Covid-19 infection, with emphasis on the potential for sensory neuropathic cough (Phase 3). The possible phases are:

1) During the “hurricaine” of the infection itself, when your lungs may be fighting active and as-yet undefeated virus.

2) During the “cleanup phase,” when the virus has been vanquished, but the lung debris (think: “downed branches and detached roof shingles”) is being cleaned up, even though “the sun is shining.”

3) For weeks to months after phases 1 and 2 are long past, coughing caused by damaged nerve endings that go “ZING!” with a tickling, burning, dry, or dripping sensation that initiates coughing, throat clearing, or laryngospasm.

This often-overlooked sensory neuropathic type of cough is explained in detail, including how to treat it.

PeerJ Article on SNC:

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35 thoughts on “Still Coughing After COVID? | Sensory Neuropathic Cough (SNC)

  1. Thx Doc! I thought I was the only person with this dry “tickle” in the back of my throat. It’s been a month since I fully recovered from COVID and the dry cough seems to be getting less frequent. If I still have it next month, I will hit you guys up. Thx for the info.

  2. I’m on my day 7 of covid, now experiencing quite a bit of cough with a lot of clear phlem. I got Robitussin PM since it has Guaifenesin (an expectorant) but I read somewhere that it’s not good to suppress the cough, which Robitussin also has (Dextromethorphan, a suppressor) idk what’s best to do at this point. Anyone have any tips on the last stages of Covid Cough with a lot of phlem?? Someone pls and thank you!

  3. I never went for a covid test but when both my parents tested positive i assume I was positive too due to showing chest breathing problems coughing and constant headaches.. However my cough never went away its normally more persistent at night not sure how I should treat it

  4. Month and a half after covid I still have the cough that the Dr described… The local Dr's are useless and clueless and I'm not going to waste my time and my money on them.. only G-d is the healer but in the meantime time I would like to hear from anyone that this went on it's own or did anyone took the medicine that the Dr said and did it help?????

  5. I have been suffering from dry cough since 3 months that's post covid during covid I never coughed I visited many drs but nothing really helped I was diagnosed for Allergy cough ,Acid Reflux , Bronchitis also food allergy, I was helpless and finally got this video I thought of trying as nothing was working on me ,I took amitriptyline 10 mg in the night which really helped me to counter my cough problem also try to avoid spicy foods and cold as the troath is week , you can also add up another 10mg post lunch if you feel the tickle or cough, if anyone requires more information can msg me .

  6. Ivermectin (taken for 7 days) resolved my residual lung tightening and cough within 7 days. This was after my GP said it was permanent following a week of prednisone.

  7. Thank You for making this video. 3 months after recover from covid19 l still cough at night, when i laugh and when i change position. I did medical check up etc, all result are good. 😭 😭

  8. So far one of the best discussions and addressing the post Covid bioweapon cough. I have had this now 3 times and the post cough takes longer and longer to get rid of. I have had none of the symptoms they take about when being infected and never had a fever… finally someone is talking real science and medicine!

  9. It may have been said, but is it okay to leave it be? I’ve been coughing pretty bad, but I’m hoping it’ll eventually go away on its own. I just hate going to the doctor for just a cough.


  11. We lost a lot of our citizens because of Dr falchi and the pre-plan attack on people's lives all across the world they knew what they were doing they even stocked up on the medicine they used in the hospitals before all this went down they had this all planned it's called agenda 21 folks this was not by accident

  12. I've been coughing up phlegm for about two months, but never had covid. I took multiple tests, all came back negative. But this covid period is the first time I've had anything like this.
    I daily wake up to having to spit out phlegm and it happens 3-4 times during the day, not painful though

    Interested to know if anyone else is going through this

  13. So I am taking gabapentin as a treatment for my post-COVID cough. I started taking the gabapentin last Monday, and so far, I have to say I notice there is a reduction of my cough, easier to talk without coughing, and not coughing during air quality changes. Especially, now on the sixth day, I am not coughing when I read out loud. Now, I still cough now and then, some days more than others, but not as intense. My question now is, how long do I stay on the gabapentin treatment? When should I start weaning myself off gabapentin(I do not like the sleepy, groggy mornings but getting better)? I'm hoping for a treatment regimen of 30 days, then start weaning off. I would like your recommendation regarding this matter. Thank you once again for this video; it has changed my life.

  14. Myself and many I know got covid in January 2020 as it came in from China. The clinics diagnosed as sinus/ bronchitus. I had to go back for 2nd round of antibiotics but the cough and long hauler symptoms remain still 10/26/21. At 70 I've never had even a flu shot and will never take the cojab. My best medicine is raw garlic, fresh veggie juices, Vit C, zinc, D3, non inflamatory foods, avoid junk food and sleep when tired. Masks don't work so be clean and avoid crowds and try to reduce normal stresses. Keep a record of what flares symptoms, do your own work. Get a Pulse/Oximeter and BP Cuff so you know what's going on. I don't trust doctors with my body unless it's an emergency but they will need your info. CDC, FDA & Fauci are not experts with this. It's experimental to us all. We will get through it.

  15. Thankyou for a very helpful video, I’m experiencing coughing fits after Covid my chest has always felt clear no rattling sound, I I feel like a hair is in my throat and I just can’t clear it then the coughing is causing inflammation and so it goes on,

  16. Thankyou ssoososooo much doc.. iam from india and when I consulted doctors here those guys gave me lots of tablets for cold and allergies but didn't checked me properly or asked about the symptoms, they are only interested in taking money from poor ppl.. but after seeing this video iam sure that this is what is happening with me for the past one and half month.. still I don't have a good quality doc here to consult with.. anyways god bless doctors like you who are genuine and quality professionals! 💯💯

  17. What can you advise me to my itchy throat. I have been cpughing for a week now and im not a cpvid positive. My stomach feels so full also, that i couldnt eat a lot.

  18. In response to many good comments and questions: The KEY issue is to decide if your cough is still a Covid cough:

    EITHER due to active infection, or the “aftermath” of clearing away debris from active infection (That kind of cough might last some weeks, but should gradually improve over time). OR, is your cough instead sensory neuropathic in nature, and Covid-19 was simply the cause of the sensory nerve damage? If the latter, and if you now have sensory neuropathic cough (SNC), the cough will be ongoing, often without much sense of improvement over time. 

    — — — How do you tell if you have SNC, initiated by Covid-19? For a start, see if you match to one of the syndromes below:  — — —

    1. Each episode of coughing, whether lasting seconds or minutes, begins with a sudden ZING sensation. (Examples: a sudden tickle, or abrupt “dry patch” that demands that you cough even though you aren’t sick or producing mucus commensurate with the magnitude (violence or duration) of your cough. Other sensations might be a sudden dripping sensation, pinprick, feeling like a sudden popcorn kernel, etc.)

    2. Coughing is often spontaneous and unexplained, but if you do certain things, you are more likely to cough. Talking, a loud laugh, taking a deep breath, trying to sing in upper voice, posture change (especially getting into bed at night or rolling to a certain position), a very strong odor, etc. makes it more likely that you will cough.

    3. Cough "frequency" and "severity" are out of proportion to any illness or any mucus produced. What mucus is produced may be the RESULT rather than the CAUSE of coughing. In other words, you begin to produce mucus only after hard coughing for 10 or more seconds (If I force myself to cough hard just as an experiment, I produce mucus too!). 

    — — — What would a person do if he or she suspects they may now have SNC, with Covid-19 as the cause of the nerve damage? — — —

    • Go to the internet and enter the search term PeerJ Bastian to find a peer-reviewed but open source journal article that will describe SNC and how it is treated. Print and take that article to your doctor.

    • Go to and enter the search term “cough” to bring up abundant teaching material about SNC.

    • Ask your doctor: “Would it be a problem for me to just try amitriptyline or gabapentin (etc.)?” What do I hope you can avoid by doing these things? Being told “Oh, this is just how it goes with Covid-19,” when you actually now have SNC, which is treatable …

    • And if you strike out with your doctors, call nearby large ENT groups and ask “Does any of your doctors treat sensory neuropathic cough?”  

    • Or engage a Laryngopedia teleconversation (

    Keep pushing the medical system to help you, because imprecisely treated SNC can be debilitating!

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