Let us know about investment, structure, area required, and profit of the Bike Car sticker business.

Bike Car Sticker Business


To start this business you need computers and printers. You need basic computer knowledge, and then you have to learn to use certain design tools.

Design tools like, photoshop, coreldraw are needed to design the sticker.

It requires atleast 1 month indepth training in the designing process using these design tools…

The initial step of training is to create the name plate of the bike and car…

Investment and Materials Required:

Materials required:

  • 1 computer with coreldraw installed
  • Printer
  • Color Sticker Papers
  • Cutting Machine


Minimum area required 10×10 square feet.

You may have 40000 Rs advance approximately. (Because area should be roadside)

Cutting Machine Cost starts from 25000 Rs to1 lakh, ie 80000 Rs for a quality branded machine.

And therefore adding the value of stickers and machine cost totally you need 2 lakhs of investment.


You get more profit in this business… this business is something that you can love and do if you have interest in designing.

The profit varies according to the number of vehichles come to you per day…

That is why you should care starting this business in a busy place even though it is costly….

There is 50% and more profit in each sticker sales…

A small name plate sticker may cost 200Rs and you may earn a 100 Rs out of that. And therefore minimum you can get 15000 Rs as a monthly profit guaranteed…

Therefore, if you further develop and extend your service to the heavy vehicles then you can also earn 50000Rs monthly.


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