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States that can LEGALIZE Marijuana this YEAR in 2021

States that can LEGALIZE Marijuana this YEAR in 2021

These are the states that are still in play to legalize Marijuana in 2021 ( the rest of this year ). Hopefully we will see some of these states legalize Marijuana Recreationally or Medically in 2021. There still is time! Marijuana Legalization in U.S States. Can they legalize Marijuana? Let’s Talk LMC … Rescheduling Marijuana to a (Schedule II) substance would help Big Pharma control Marijuana Legalization. Marijuana Legalization Scenario Explained / Clarified. Federal Marijuana Legalization. Let’s Talk LMC

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24 thoughts on “States that can LEGALIZE Marijuana this YEAR in 2021

  1. Cannabis lawyer said nc bill was too small at only 18 pages. He said he had not seen anyone with that small of a bill pass it, maybe a start but he said it had no chance.

    NC loves to bust ppl with weed, the sheriffs were foaming at the mouth screaming how their communities don’t want it, bullshit… they mad their lovely careers were made by getting a wif and crushing someone, as Bob M said perfect “they literally brutalize your very soul”, they feed on that power.

    Sad they really can’t at least decriminalize, let ppl have a couple plants, at home, Texas reminded people what they buy in New Mexico can land them pulling years behind bars in Texas. Oppression anyone?
    Joe Biden could make an executive order that marijuana is no longer scheduled and/or no one else could be arrested for. They just can’t stop lying, all of them.

  2. All these states that are legalizing, wether it’s for recreational or medical or both. It’s gonna be an essential key that leads us to federal legalization! So the more states that legalize the better!! This is good news

  3. NC has bipartisan support for legalizing from what I recently heard. The articles I read said the bill includes 12 plants for home grow. There are a bunch of articles about it. They even mentioned Virginia legalization and the money NC will lose because millions in NC are close to VA. From what I read there's a pretty good chance it will pass during the next legislative session.

  4. I think South Dakota is still illegal unless you have heard differently… thanks for keeping us posted bro.. from South Dakota, but now I live in Kansas and i gotta travel cuz im in the need. Sucks to be in an ultra conservative state bro

  5. At least minnesota is getting closer, we all know it may not pass but we can hope. Minnesota only recently started allowing alcohol sales on Sundays. At least we know we are getting closer.

  6. I know one state that won't legalize it is Florida because back in early 2020 I got caught with half an ounce of weed and it was enough to send me to prison for 8 months and probation for 2 years with weekly drug tests.

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