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Stallion: Birth Control For Men

In order to commemorate 600 videos on YouTube I have edited this masterpiece! It’s almost as if I took all of the randomness in my videos and put it in a blender and this is the juice it produced… seriously that’s like the best description I can give. Enjoy!

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Kid Lazer’s Channel:

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30 thoughts on “Stallion: Birth Control For Men

  1. how the fuck is this fame getting to his head? this is him still not selling out by putting out videos he enjoys. all week on twitter he was excited to post this. its his channel and he posts what he wants and I've been subscribed for awhile because of that.

  2. @Pangwinz420 Uh oh, looks like someone tried to stick it up their erection. But it's not like there is any room in your rectum, with that huge stick up there all the time.

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