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Stacy London Trades In Youth & Fame For The Hottest Version Of Herself At 52

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Stacy London is 52 and wants to be seen, not for the What Not To Wear TV host that she came to be most known for at 32, but for the woman on fire she is today. New beginnings often come with big endings, and for Stacy, there has been a heavy reckoning over the confluence of her hit TV show ending that rocket-shipped her to fame, grief over the passing of her father, and the emotional and physical toil accompanying the end of her child bearing body. But, with the unconditional support from the woman and partner she loves, Stacy is approaching the middle of her life –a time where most women begin to feel invisible– by letting go of what was and deciding to play big while starting all over again. She is taking on Menopause – something that no one seems to know anything about even though ½ the population goes through it – as the CEO of her own startup, State Of, a company dedicated to raising awareness about and providing rapid relief for menopausal symptoms. Today, Stacy no longer cares about telling anyone What Not To Wear. Instead, her passion lies in letting menopausal people know that she is not only on their side, but that the second half of life has the potential to become the most abundant time for anyone to come into their own, like it has for her.

“There seems to be this huge gap between 40 and 70… This is a stage of life that we dismiss because we think that the end of fertility is sort of the ultimate infertility…If we keep talking about this stage of life — the middle of life — as some sort of ending, instead of maybe an ending that has a new beginning, we lose the incredible brilliance and wisdom of people at this age…”

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21 thoughts on “Stacy London Trades In Youth & Fame For The Hottest Version Of Herself At 52

  1. Stacy is and has always been one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of watching 😌 And hearing her talk like I think is awesome. I just hope she can keep in mind how she's helped so many, even though she's felt like she wasn't good enough. She has a light that is bright. ❤️

  2. One of my best friends sent this to me and, as is always the case with her, she chose so well in sharing this with me. I cried my way through it, feeling seen as Stacy shared her own experiences and feelings that are so similar to mine. Thank you so much for this interview. It really makes me feel relieved to know so many of us are going through life wondering the same things and wanting so much more for ourselves now and in what will, hopefully, be our bright futures. 💗

  3. We need more of this…women taking about menopause! I don't understand why it's so taboo?! I can relate sooo much with Stacy, i too was blindsided and didn't connect the dots…i didn't get the menopause memo?! I'm happy to say that even though i learned the hard way, i did the work, research and made self care a priority. Clean eating, celery juicing, detoxing my liver and plenty of vitamins, herbs and supplements have given me my sanity and life back! Sorry to say that none of my drs had anything to do with it. Our body's have the capability to re-set, it takes work but you can do it!!🦋

  4. The more lawyers of clothing she strips away, the more empowered her posture and demeanour become. This was so beautiful to watch. I’ve always enjoyed her. She’s incredible. Thank you for this.

  5. Stacy London is the face of my childhood. I remember just binge watching what not to wear with my mom and it was such a fun show to watch. I was in middle school/high school and I just loved her and her humor. She’s beautiful and always has been.

  6. I can't wait for all the young biyotches who think they're gonna have allll this energy to glam everyday to go thru menopause cause it ain't NO JOKE!!!🤣🥴😫🤷‍♀️🙃😒

  7. Wow Stacy! So very beautiful and raw… I appreciate your magnanimous ENERGY! There has always been such a bright light emanating from you, that only continues to get stronger. Thank you for sharing and for being YOU and for being strong. Your nose is PERFECT and I am sooooooo glad you never changed it.

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