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Soy – Should We Be Worried About Hormones?

Soy is an increasingly popular food in the UK, but particular among the vegan community. However, there have also been many concerns expressed in the press and social media that soy causes certain cancers and may lead to reduced testosterone in men due to their isoflavone content. So, which is it? A great nutritional food that vegans can make full use of? Or a substance packed with potentially dangerous hormones?

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0:00 – Disclaimer
0:08 – Intro
1:39 – Why is there concern?
2:25 – Soy and cancer
4:27 – Soy and men’s health
6:35 – Soy and other health outcomes
7:31 – Soy formula and vegan babies
9:00 – Conclusion
9:30 – Recommended soy intakes
10:28 – Thanks for watching!


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