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Something From Hell! | Write Out Loud


From the eerie, cool night

She drifted in

With her coal-black eyes 

and pale white skin

From a shallow grave, inhaling sin

To the village she crawled, 

to feed within


As the moonlight shone

most soundly slept

Into the flesh of their minds, 

she wriggled & crept

To expose a secret 

they had quietly kept

And devour their souls,

’til nothing was left


Their thoughts devoured

Now, for the main course

To make them suffer

for the pain they had caused

As she now gets closer

to the place of her death

They’ll soon inhale


her cold, dead breath…


Down in the clubhouse, 

men drank and swore

Abuse & violence 

Part of their core

Luring young girls 

through the dirty old door

The flow of money,

Made the village ignore


But tonight’s the night, 

the hurt will all end

With love from Hell, 

via bloody revenge! 💔


Inside that clubhouse 

they heard the door lock 


From floor to ceiling, everything shook


Through frosted breath, 

they all turned to look:


There stood a corpse 

with an old butcher’s hook!


She said:


“I’ve such a tale for your grandkids to tell,

About the night I dragged you all into Hell!” 




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