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Somethin In Common Plant Based and Vegan Lifestyle Changes with Dr. David Bowman and Keisha Sumner.

On this special episode of Somethin’ In Common we were honored to have Dr. David Bowman and his wife Keisha Sumner on to discuss the benefits and misconceptions of the plant based and vegan diets. We also discuss how our diets play a major part in how our bodies deal with the Covid 19 virus, which is so important in today’s world. This episode is packed with so much great information on how to make these lifestyle and diet changes that will put you and your family on the road to a better quality of life. There was so much that we couldn’t get to, so there will part 2 of this discussion coming very soon. We hope you all enjoy.

Dr. David Bowman Instagram: @lifestlyemedrevolution

Keisha Sumner Instagram: @rawvegansistas

Michael and Kymberly Nichole Instagram: @somethin_n_common


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