If you or a loved one has suffered from snoring you likely have tried an array of snoring products from anti snoring nasal strips to a mouth guard but have you tried using a snore pillow that is specifically designed to stop snoring?

Most chronic snorers sleep on their back. The focus of a snore pillow is to help the snorer get in a position on their back to sleep. When a person sleeps on their back, oftentimes they sleep with their mouth open, jaw relaxed with the tongue slipping to the back of the mouth blocking the airways. When the airways have been blocked this results in snoring.

Using a pillow suited to the position you sleep in will help keep your neck aligned which results in less snoring. To prevent snoring look for a pillow that can keep your neck in a position to allow better breathing.

The Insomnia Guide offers a few pillows perfect for sleeping. These pillows are comfortable, made from memory foam and will help keep your neck aligned in the right position to lessen or eliminate snoring.

Snore Pillow

This Memory Foam Orthopedic Snore Pillow is perfect to keep your neck in place and body aligned. With the ergonomic design, snoring is reduced or eliminated

Get Yours Now and Say
Goodbye to Snoring

Priced from $29 to $59

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