SNK Neo Geo MVS Junk Board Repairs Part 2 (MV-1A Z80 Error From Hell)

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Another faulty Neo Geo junk board repair – this one has a follow up part. I get it up and running again, but by the end of the video I realise there’s still something else causing part of the problem first seen.

Neo Geo Dev Wiki (chip pinouts) –

SMK Dan Diagnostic BIOS –


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20 thoughts on “SNK Neo Geo MVS Junk Board Repairs Part 2 (MV-1A Z80 Error From Hell)”
  1. Quickchip do a low temp solder for ship removal, i don't think it's super cheap but watching the eevblog review does show it works really well for removing larger, more awkward chips 🙂

  2. This one seems to be a head scratcher Chris, Looking forward to part three to find the fault. I'm thinking a stuck bit or short on the address bus.

  3. Oh wow, I can't wait to see what would cause the issue you ran into with the wrong sounds being used. I have a couple suspicions and I want to see how it plays out!

  4. You have the patience of a saint for hunting these pesky hardware faults down Gadget! Hats off to you. I would be a little apprehensive digging that deep into Neo Geo boards like that for sure…

  5. Ouch, get some flux dispenser tips. 🙂 A preheater would be nice too, it makes the SMD rework with hot air super easy. What temperature were you using on the hot air station?

  6. The one with the ripped-out chip almost makes me wonder if someone assumed it was a socketed chip and applied a certain amount of brutality to it with a chip puller. I've seen that kind of damage done with chip pullers if you grab the socket instead of the chip, so… I wouldn't be surprised.

  7. Came for captions, stayed for "2-2-2-2–2-2-2-2–2-2" Haha. You are slowly becoming the NHS of the SNK world at this rate Gadge 😀 Great vid.

  8. Great Video and attention to detail. I am also currently working on a Z80 Error from Hell on a MV-1FZS board. I've swapped out the Z80 , YM2610, NEO-D0, SM1, and the Z80 Ram. All obtained from a donor board. I have checked continuity using my meter, as well as using my Oscilloscope to check signaling and my logic probe to check logic as compared to a working 1FZ I have. Still no luck, I don't have a Diagnostic Bios and I am the process of trying to obtain the programmer and EPROM to make a Diagnostic Bios. As a side note I did notice the HC32 in the backup section was producing odd test values as compared to a working HC32, so I swapped that out. Still stuck on the "Z80" error on startup, I have ordered some extra "Z80 – 6" to be on the safe side as I don't know if the Donor Z80 is any good. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  9. Thanks! I’m pretty sure I need replacement NEO-BUF chips for the NEO-CDD3-1 board inside a Neo Geo CD toploader… I found a short to ground; restored and it still doesn’t work. Boots right up with a known-good NEO-CDD3-1 board.

    Can’t wait for Furrtek’s ODE and NG CD BIOS mod!

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