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Sissification / Sissy Play | Sex Education

Sissification explanations! Sex Coach Jaylene is here to discuss all about this kink that is also known as Feminization, so make sure you grab hold of your skirt …


44 thoughts on “Sissification / Sissy Play | Sex Education

  1. Love the video and thanks for it! It is a very nice introduction to the kink and appreciative! You mention the connection of the humiliation of feminization to patriarchic society and that is such a major issue I find people have with. Your outlook and presentation really reduced a lot of that stigma that I have seen associated with sissification because of that dynamic. Thank You!

  2. I always found myself in what I feel is quite a unique spot regarding #2. I 'crossdress' just for the comfort, tactility and relaxation it brings me, and I don't need a domme to get enjoyment from this, but I'm still into the sissy dynamics of the power exchange part of it, and acting and being 'forced' to be more stereotypically feminine

  3. Let’s play dress up! I am! 🧘🏽‍♂️🥰

    But your preoccupation with humiliation, rather than euphoria, is a big no-no. Not respectful and not appropriate. What we’re you thinking? 😒

    I feel your heart is in the right place, but your head seems to be screwed on backwards. Please reconsider. 🌿🧘🏽‍♂️☯️☸️🔯🕉✝️☪️☮️☯️🌿

  4. Hi thanks for the advice I love to xďŕèss and be feminine and girly I love being told to dress up sexy and girly 💗💗💗💗💗❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Some TERFs think sissies are basically future abusers and potential murderers. Its great that some define their feminism by the movie silence of the lambs. I swear, I should fetishize AI dominants erradicating the human race.

  6. Seems you know little of what you speak, at least 2 wrong statements in the first few seconds, Sorry, but not bothering to watch any more as it's obvious that you're after ratings more than facts.

  7. I am a trans woman and enjoy this kink. Mistress respects and affirms my identity and doesn't use typical slurs. I enjoy feeling accepted and safe and having the attention even when I am punished. The whole experience makes me feel more empowered.

  8. I have a question
    I typically dress up lady can I go into what I call Lady space I guess
    We typically do it when I want my girlfriend to be Daddy and I be his baby girl I'm not really doing it because of humiliation I'm doing it for roll reversal
    Typically a lot of the times the males are predominantly the person that is the protector the person with all the responsibility typically
    What would this be considered cuz you're telling me Sissy is degradation and crossdressing is to get in touch with feminine side but I do it for roll reversal

  9. I'm not so much into sissification but i have internalized female empowering, and i cannot say that i am not happy with it,, i think female worshiping is fine for lesser men and women should not condemn it..

  10. In 2018 i finally told my gf when she was locked up, that i had other girls dress me female while i went out w jjust bbc. I asked her to put me in panties in 2016. When i asked,she was suprised,said she didnt know much but sure.well its def happened, but it let me bc more female

  11. I am drawn to strong, Dominant women who are also feminine. Even more so if she would enjoy feminizing me in a very detailed way. It would of course be her choice as to how much and how often our femme fun would be.
    It sounds thrilling to me! ❤❤❤

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