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Singapore Event: Relational Circles Workshop

Date: 3 Jun 2021


How to conduct Effective CCE, CCA, IP Lessons English, Maths , Science, Mother Tongue & other subjects using Relational Circles

This workshop is all about exploring the Relational Circles framework a pedagogical tool for Teaching Content (IP and non IP) while building HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and developing SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL SKILLS in students It promotes a positive emotional environment for learning This workshop will aim to equip participants with knowledge and skills to begin and sustain Relational Circles successfully in the classroom and school settings.

Relational Circle is one of the widely used universal interventions in the promotion of social and emotional learning in schools In RC, children are encouraged to develop their social and emotional learning in a safe and caring environment through a student centred and student directed approach RC provides a safe base where children can learn and practice

social and emotional learning skills such as listening, expressing oneself, respecting others and problems solving within a caring, inclusive and democratic environment.

As the teacher takes a more facilitative role, students take a more active role in their learning within a structure facilitating and encouraging respect for one another, listening to each other, appreciating each other s views and perspectives, and collaborative problem solving Learning is experiential, making use of such strategies as games, role plays, small group work and physical activities In such an environment, students do not only learn targeted specific skills, but the process itself is a powerful social and emotional learning experience.

RC is a positive experience for the whole school community They mentioned such benefits as better teacher student relationships, positive classroom climate and various social, emotional and academic benefits for the students, including enhanced motivation and engagement in academic learning such as listening, speaking and problem solving, positive behaviour and social and emotional learning, such as listening skills, communication skills, self esteem and sharing of experiences Teachers also mentioned that it helped them to maintain positive student behaviour at both whole school and classroom levels, and reported less challenging behaviour and bullying at the school and more compliance with school and classroom rules.

Duration: Time: 9am to 4pm

Venue: To be Confirmed

Website: Go to event website

Contact: Email Organizer

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$320 (Ends on 14 May)

Language: English

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