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A simple explanation of why weight loss is more than just calories. Food contains both energy (Calories) as well as instructions (Hormones) as to what to do with those calories. For any given amount of calories, our body can either use that energy (for metabolism) or store it (as body fat). Which one is chosen depends on the hormones. Check out my blog at

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**Fasting Aids**
Pique Fasting Tea (recommended)

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22 thoughts on “Simplified Explanation of Weight Loss | Jason Fung”
  1. Thank you for another great video and now I’m modifying my eating habits to comply with your lectures. I’ve been on keto for two and half years and it’s keeping my weight off now I’ve got to get my blood sugar out of the 6s and into the 5s. I’ll be trying your advice. I’m 83 and been T2D for 25years and on drugs now I’m off all drugs.

  2. Wow, I so wish I knew this important information decades ago, but I sure am glad to know it now! Thank you Dr. Fung!🙏✅👍❤️💖💙💗💛💜🧡

  3. Are you saying that if you eat natural carbs, like beans and sweet potatoes, they don’t get stored as fat like processed carbs do?

  4. okay, after sifting thru ur videos and quickly reading about blogs.

    that fasting does not slow down metabolism. in fact over 4 days, it increases
    as you are fasting you are not allowing calories to be stored by not eating and raising insulin.

    you only put your body on starvation mode or slow down metabolism is when you keep bringing your insulin up paired that no matter how much calories you are restricting, your body will keep storing the fat?

  5. This is the best explanation of how/what to eat to avoid being fat. Listen for 12minutes to change your life. Seriously (I’m down 75 lbs, FYI)

  6. Is there anyway to still eat your fav high carbs maybe once a week? I can’t get past the sweets as there are alternatives like Rebel/Enlightened ice cream, peanut butter, etc and I don’t miss bread so I’m good on that, my main issue is one thing. Xxtra hot Cheetos 😂. Is it possible to have this at least once a week when doing intermittent fasting 20:4

  7. Brother – v good presentation! I learnt about Hormonal messages the body receives when it encounters various foods & what to do in terms of how it’s going to process. Plus order of food eating can make 50% difference, wow!
    As simple as adding Lemon juice to foods you eat will cut carbs.
    There’s such a thing as good calorie vs not so good. Example: muffins vs Broccoli! Lol
    Thank u 🙏

  8. Dr. Fung, do you have any thoughts on non-resistant starches converting to resistant starches and then including them in your diet. For instance, taking cooked white rice, cooling it and after 24 hours reheating. Supposedly, this converts starches to resistant starches and lowers its impact on blood glucose spiking. Would like to hear your thoughts?

  9. I gather this explanation is why The Starch Solution (McDougall) is extremely low fat. (i.e. when insulin is spiked, "the fat you eat is the fat you wear" – McDougall)

  10. I need a,we rest now dr flung am terrified the physiotherapy if my thumb not better four weeks there going to injection in my thumb and give stuff to numb it am scared of injection in my thumb when I go back if not better dr flung

  11. Thank you Dr. Fung. I appreciate all the information. I am already 15#s down. God Bless you for sharing all this wonderul information about the benefits of fasting/low carbing.

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