Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately - 5 Signs You Need to Leave Your Company Now!

Signs you should quit your job immediately – here’s 5 signs you need to leave your company now. If you’re wondering if you should leave your job, look for warning signs. 1. Stress or Anxiety 2. Bad Boss 3. Toxic Culture 4. Illegal Activity 5. Safety Concerns.


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22 thoughts on “Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately – 5 Signs You Need to Leave Your Company Now!”
  1. I have been staying on too long, enduring abuse, ostracising and distress, conscientious and strangely sick self-confident that the problem ought to be able to be solved by me, I should endure and be resilient, with Christ as an ideal and working to improve myself meanwhile. But I got an uncomfortable small room where others made noise despite me needing to sleep and consideration was possible. As I fell sick witha bit f atemperature, it was bagatellized by my work-leader who claimed it to "just be a 28-year-crisis". I was offered to see the counsellor, who should be neutral, but strangely advised me to quit instead of solving he problem along with me. I didn't want to quit, I liked the job itself with the clients, just not the co-workers, and wanted to siólve the problem. I had no idea whata big toll it took on me, and how afraid I would become when seeking an other job, fearful of not being believed good enough, not being relaxed enough, sabotaging for myself by self-conscious, hyper-vigilant thoughts and efforts.I couldn't believ that they really did not live up to their ideals, that they didn't want me, ad no sense for me, didn't appreciate what I brought. And I didn't get that I was demanding in my high ideals and uncomfortable questions about how things were done.
    An employment- psychologist came with me to a meeting, but was not efficient and did not give me crisis help and empowerment/ self-assertiveness training, was superfiial although kind.Said they couldn't do anything snce the work-place didn't admit anything.
    I didn't know then that I have ACEs /CPTSD; HSP, Aspergers and Anchylosing Spondylitis. I didn't recover by myself of course, and the short therapy-opportunity was not at all suitable for my needs,he was too much in his head, withot contact with his ffeeelings, withou grouning and warmth, although kind.Had not healed at all. I shouldn't have accepted him, and he should have judged that himself.I didn't know my rights, wa sick and miserable..

  2. I can totally infinity relate to this……..toxicity in a work place can drain your mentally. And it's so scary now worrying about money because you need to find a job quickly, bills need paying and kitty needs feeding. I just want a peaceful life and do my work & go home.

  3. Yes, I've worked for a company where managers lacked emotional intelligence and demonstrated poor leadership. And that's because the top person wanted those kinds of people–people who won't pose a threat to her.


    Writing for my boss to find me a new site. I had to leave the lawfirm account. Too much drama, too much politics. Putting a dead mouse inside my security blazer with an attached threatening post-it message is the straw that broke the camel's back. It is a toxic environment. 

    I worked there for almost 2.5 years. The silent treatment became unbearable but the dead mouse and threatening note did it for me. Monday night was my last day. I am now a man without a site anxiously waiting to start working at a new location. 

    People are really mean which is the main reason why I love to be alone. Thank God I have enough sense to save money for a rainy day. I hope to be at a site in the next few days.

  5. Point 1 is actually normal work. I live by the “suck it up buttercup” ethos, & keep taking the gerd meds, the pain meds, & the bullsh!t, because people need money to live.

  6. I make $9 an hour when states min wage is $17.
    One of my coworkers killed himself this week followed by another one overdosing in the work place.
    I am provided with a place to live on a ship where I can't legally register a car to.
    No one in my department is in college, my reasoning for taking the job was school but I can't seem to find a mentor because no one else's goals align with mine.
    I was kept to work 18hours straight with no break.
    Yes it's the military.
    I'm not allowed to just up and quit like a regular job.

  7. My boss just messaged me in a group chat 30 minutes ago at about 9.40pm my time, when nobody replied because we're office hours she goes on to say I have no job responsibility. My letter's dropping on her table tomorrow. End of story. Thanks for the guide, hope y'all have a good one!

  8. Mental health is much more important than a huge salary. This is why I quit my job as a System Admin. It took a toll on my mental health, work-life balance and personal time due to 24/7 on-call rotations, high stress environment, tight project deadlines, and unrealistic expectations from my manager.

  9. I'm certainly going through all of point number 1 you made. In my job, I wanted to give it a go, try something new that I thought I'd like. It's seasonal work too. Turns out, I'm not liking it, it's causing stress to me and everyone close to me in my life because of how much I don't like it and think I need to move departments. I'm not excited to go to work every day. I dread it so much. I'm looking for ways to make passive income to keep an inflow of money for the days I just don't want to work. It's not the people, it's just the work itself (I think). Well, nobody's making me feel like I can't do this job. Everyone has full faith in me that I can do it. But the anxiety is just too much. I'm not throwing up every day before work but, every Monday morning I'm dreading going in. Time to make the move.

  10. Is it bad that I don't want to do certain tasks but unable to say no and unable to argue to the death with my boss about it so i end up wishing that i fall sick and become hospitalized so that i can escape those tasks..those tasks should be done by the relevant people (we are severely understaffed but company head continuously indirectly refuses to hire more staff)

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