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Signs of the Zodiac 4 – Body Parts of the Rasis

This is the fourth of the first five videos from my New Rasi Sutras Course that I will be posting to youtube. I hope these videos help people open up their minds to the full potentials of Rasis.


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41 thoughts on “Signs of the Zodiac 4 – Body Parts of the Rasis

  1. i am new to the study of astrology. i am familiar but new to study. I was starting with western but have decided to study vedic/ jaimini. In your opnion , where would i start?

  2. I have a moon conjunct mars in cancer in second house. It's just so hard to figure it out, everyone has their own idea of what this represents.this brought me some new insights. Also, this is my idea, but could it also mean the emotions are clearly shown physicaly on a person? Or rather their thoughts

  3. Ernst, I’m left handed and I’m rahu Lagna Aquarius and I just seen the way you stand with a hard stable statue right hand and I heard rahu is reverse, do you notice those qualities in you?

  4. Ernst i been taking notes,for 3 days.just on this video. You are as good as my guru Kapiel if not better but low key you’re at his caliber anyway thank you for your knowledge. You can do it!!

  5. Mars in cancer from what I keep seeing is a bit sociopathic, a lot of people who allow their children to be sexually abused have mars in cancer also many parents of children in foster care. People who become involved in organized crime as low ranking members often have it in the 10th house or 9th house. My mum has mars in cancer and she would let my father beat us until we were bloody when we were very young. I remember my brother being about 3yr and he had just learnt to walk, dad would come home from work and kick him over and over as if he was a football until he was throwing up from fear and bleeding. She would just act annoyed and roll her eyes, she didn't enjoy it and she didn't think it was right but it would never occur to her in a million years that she might be responsible in anyway for our safety or that she should intervene. This is the issue with mars in cancer, they don't have any backbone or any sense of true ethics, they only know what they like and don't like, where their comfort zone. They just want to be comfortable, which is fine until someone else is reliant on you or needs your help. I knew a mars in cancer guy in the army. He was well liked cause he was nice and freindly but he just wasn't very assertive, once some exchange soldiers from another country were staying on base and they didn't know how things worked around there, one of them decided to go off and smoke in a corner there were explosives stored in the corner, the only person around was mr mars in cancer, he knew what would happen but he didn't speak up because he wasn't comfortable and the guy seemed mean, the man died from lighting up next to the explosives and during the investigation everyone found out mr mars in cancer was there. He was really nonchalant about it like what the hell did we expect him to do? A normal human being would have wrestled the lighter out of that man's hands if it came down to it. They don't ever seem to feel much guilt or learn from the past, they will feel distress but just complain about why everyone is so 'mean' to them. It disturbs me when people breeze over this placement like it's not a big deal, it's not a big deal to the person themselves because they don't understand and they don't care but you can really suffer if you get close to them.

  6. In ay astray can we damage someone if a planet from one person causes an affliction in the other’s house say Taurus so if One has Rahu that then affects the others Taurus house say with Sun

  7. This information is mind blowing. I have Saturn in Libra and the sun and moon. I have 4 kids (sexual energy) and my sun. I am 39 with a huge passion to delve deep into astrology but because I sacrifice myself for my large family (sun in libra) i feel like i cant truly engage in my passions. I have Venus in Virgo and I have a huge problem with accepting other people's shit! Lol I had so many aha moments through this video. I am going to watch this a few times. 🙏

  8. I’m rethinking the Pisces/feet thing- I think contact with the earth- grounding energy/wisdom etc. and also the minerals we absorb and the dirty barefoot barrier or calluses that form barriers to the sharper surfaces, etc. we weren’t meant to wear shoes right? 😉

  9. oh, my… i have everything in wrong places. sun in cap (square sat in aries), moon in scorp (exact conjunct with mars), jupiter in libra and venus in pisces, which has not proven to be useful, even though it's exalted. no planets in sagittarius. yikes. saturn in aries – had meningitis as a kid and migraines my entire life. it all makes sense why my life always kinda felt like a struggle.

  10. No wonder My arms are very long..for my short body…l got ketu in Gemini 🤣…
    They reach to my knees
    And l measured them with 6foot buddies..
    With Saturn in Cancer and Aries in Capricorn in 5th, makes Heart and Love th only meaningful thing to havv in LIFE

  11. I had to lol, I’m a Gemini asc with mars in Gemini and got a bad shoulder injury that eventually needed surgery right after quitting a job. I quit, got a few drinks then biked home and smashed my shoulder. I was in a rough place with settling down on a job. I’m a very happy craftsman now building lights out of brass and copper! Thanks for these videos Ernst!

  12. My pituitary gland is three times larger than typical and as a result, it creates multi system disorder. My moon is in Aries. Not sure what this means (what the connection is) but I can probably intuit..

    It sure is nice to hear that indeed, medical conditions that affect this part of the brain are very difficult to cure (or incurable)..

  13. OMG, at 1:38:00 when Ernst starts speaking about Jupiter in Capricorn, it’s the first time someone has been able to define the depression I have been feeling. I know it is there, I know it is not the right way to feel but I still can’t escape the feeling which comes to mind 50 times a day, no matter I work (my day job), pursue my hobbies (art) or study astrology! Thank you so so much for understanding. No one would have guessed that so much wisdom would pour out of a video on body parts represented by zodiacs 😂 my 3 planets in Scorpio (Su, Sa and Me) feel like having uncovered a treasure.

  14. Thank you! My sister dropped me as a newborn and I have epilepsy from it.I have VenR, Moon, Gk, Neptune in 10th house in Aries (Navamasha chart).

  15. 49:27 on…Venus in Virgo… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Is it just me, or does he seem to enjoy the "shit/junk/trash" talk a bit too much…? Just keeps on comin', the guy cracks me up…😆

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