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SIDE EFFECTS OF IMPLANT BIRTH CONTROL METHOD (how I cope with the side effects of Implanon)

Finding out which birth control method to go for is a very difficult task. I told my story about the side effects of the implant birth control method and how I cope with the side effects of Implanon.

It can be very tasking to decide what family planning methods to go for amongst the available birth control contraception, because of the efficiency and side effects. but with due research, you would eventually settle for one.

All birth control methods have their pros and cons, you just have to find out which one works for you and what birth control method you would want to consider to be on when you’re ready for family planning or planned parenthood

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3 thoughts on “SIDE EFFECTS OF IMPLANT BIRTH CONTROL METHOD (how I cope with the side effects of Implanon)

  1. Hello Eva, nice one, I enjoyed every bit of it. I was thinking about implant birth control too but at this point, I think am done with birth control everything. I used the injection one(depo) and believe me the side effect I have after a year is crazy. I just stopped using it and with all you just explained mehnn I don't think I will go for any of this thing again oo. Depo was baaaad for me. Anxiety, dizziness, headaches, chest pain etc. My hormones were crazyyy…mood swings ahh terrible. I just told my hubby let me just be like this and recover from depo. Then I can think of what to use next. Please what is name of that herbal plant again. I live out of the country, so I am sure it's going to be hard getting someone to bring it for me, unless I come around myself. But honestly thank you for being so honest about this. And more power to you !!!😁😁👍

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