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Selena Gomez has a song called “Naturally.” It has a catchy chorus:
“You are the thunder and I am the lightning…
Everything comes naturally. It comes naturally when you’re with me.
Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally baby.”

Ahh, this is so ideal, but is it for real?  These days, there are many products labeled “natural,” ranging from chicken to shampoo. When I look to see what natural actually means, it’s usually not what I thought or hoped it would be. Women at Maze will often relate; according to their partners, sex is, or should be “natural.”

What does natural mean in the sexual space? Does it mean that if you never got the memo that “sex is natural“ there’s something wrong with you? Does it mean that it’s a subject often shrouded in taboo or misunderstanding?  Or, does natural mean that sex is a bodily function that happens automatically, like the beating of your heart?  Or perhaps, natural really means effortless, instinctive, and always consistent?  Realistically, the only place you will find sex that is truly effortless and automatic is on TV, at the movies, porn, in books, or in music videos  like Selena Gomez’s’ song,  “Naturally.”

There are a host of factors that work to make the sexual experience more or less pleasurable, stressful, shameful, exciting, exhausting, indifferent, satisfying, amazing…Sometimes better, sometimes less better, and like so many other aspects of our lives, that’s to be expected, naturally!

For more information or guidance on ways to support your Sex Life, contact us at Maze for a free phone consult.

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