Sex Education Season 3 confirmed by Netflix: new lessons in love and friendship coming in 2021

Hey, guys! Here is everything you need to know about Season 3 of Sex Education. First, Netflix has officially renewed the hit British comedy-drama series for Season 3! The renewal came just three weeks after the second season was dropped online on January 17. Such a quick renewal decision can mean only one thing – the viewership numbers for the second season of Sex Education have been more than satisfactory.
Secondly, bringing together the high-level of creativity fans have come to expect from Netflix and sarcastic British humor, a very fun and original Season 3 renewal announcement on Netflix UK official twitter page was delivered by Alistair Petrie, a.k.a. Principal Groff. All main cast members are already confirmed to be back to reprise their roles, led by Asa Butterfield and brilliant and beautiful Gillian Anderson. The renewal decision was not surprising by any means, as the series popularity continues to grow across the world and its current Rotten Tomatoes approval rating is at impressive 94%!

After the titles of Season 2 started rolling, the two main questions fans have for Season 3 is whether Otis finds a way to profess his love to Maeve again after his voice message was deleted by her new neighbor and secret crush, and what becomes of the now not-so-secret romantic relationship between Eric and Adam. An 8-episode Season 3 of Sex Education is expected to be released on Netflix in January 2021.

Link to the video renewal announcement from Netflix:

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25 thoughts on “Sex Education Season 3 confirmed by Netflix: new lessons in love and friendship coming in 2021

  1. I love the way the plot is going through coz ,this is a beautiful beautiful show ❤️i just love the ending I don't really mean it🤪 but ,if it had ended here being meave and otis together what's left to us ..and yes this wheelchair man probably gonna regret 😤👊

  2. My prediction is Otis and Maeve are going to just be friends and maybe be together at the end of season 3!! They have to have a season with them trying to figure everything out together as boyfriend and girlfriend and “season 4” would be it!! I can’t wait to see season 3! Maevis all the way!!!

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