Sex Education Season 2 Episode 3 Reaction

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25 thoughts on “Sex Education Season 2 Episode 3 Reaction

  1. Oh I HATE when people do this thing of saying "oh, I wanna say something" and then someone goes "what?" and then they wait and say something COMPLETELY RANDOM instead. It's just not natural! In real life we would just say like "you know what? Forget it" or something

  2. I think that the character development for each character is going pretty well. Otis is becoming more of a man, Maeve is coming into terms that she’s not this rebellious type who doesn’t give shit (her behavior stems from the lack of guidance to show her the ways of life as she grows up, everyone who comes in contact with her has been a let down, but that happens in our youth, we tend to blame others who weren’t there for us but IMO it’s best that we take care of ourselves and figure out who we are first before we can take care of others.) she is now learning that “people need people”. Adam is a handful, he’s a bully all in all but never truly experienced love and compassion for his own family (well mainly from his father, which most people can relate to, does not give him the right to be a bully at all but some of us can understand from his point if we really look deeper into it) and from the start we knew he was gay, bisexual, that wasn’t a surprise but it was good for him to man up and accept who he was). From the jump, I knew Ola was some sort of pansexual. That’s probably a generalization, but c’mon if you didn’t see that coming then idk what to tell you. Jackson, for me, was the biggest turn, only because you didn’t truly know what side he was going on. Was he gonna straight up abandon the Shakespeare act (which I hope he didn’t because I feel like he found his calling, other than giving him the jock jock stereotype. It reminded of Troy Bolton). Aimee’s story is amazing and needs to be broadcast more so other females understand that situations like that is not okay to keep hidden and bottled up inside, cause it will end up eating you alive). There’s probably a lot I’m missing but I’m partially drunk and going on a tangent. My apologies

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