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Second trimester medical abortion in a primigravida with lupus nephritis and rapidly progressive renal failure: challenges and outcome: The European Journal of Contraception & Reproductive Health Care: Vol 26, No 2


In the second trimester, medical abortion is preferred as it is less invasive, and the surgical method carries more risk. There is a paucity of published literature on medical abortion in women with renal failure requiring haemodialysis. We came across a woman who presented with rapidly progressive renal failure at 18 weeks of gestation and required therapeutic abortion. We are reporting the challenges, outcomes, and precautions to be taken while performing a medical abortion in such a case.


在妊娠中期, 药物流产是首选, 因为它是微创的, 手术的风险更大。关于需要血液透析的肾衰竭女性药物流产的文献很少。我们报道一例患者, 她妊娠18周时出现快速进展性肾功能衰竭, 需要治疗性流产。本文报道了在这种情况下进行药物流产的挑战、结局和应采取的预防措施。

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