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Scots tenants asked to complete rent review survey

All Scottish tenants should take the time to complete an important rent review survey supplied by the government, say farm groups.

The form has been sent by post and must be returned by Monday 24 May 2021.

The survey results will be used to inform legislative improvements to the current rent review test and process for agricultural tenancies.

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Tenant farming commissioner Bob McIntosh said: “Taking part in the survey is one good way for tenant farmers to have their views and experiences taken into account, and I hope as many as possible find the five or 10 minutes needed to complete it.

“This is an opportunity for tenants to give their views on how well the current system delivers a fair and widely accepted method for rent reviews.”

Scottish Tenant Farmers Association chairman Christopher Nicholson said the sector has still not moved on from the open market rent test that has long proved an unsatisfactory method for setting rents.

“With a scarcity of open market lettings, it is difficult for parties to find suitable comparable evidence, and the current open market test does not take into account the farm’s earnings capacity,” said Mr Nicholson.

“Before the government can start work to implement a new rent test, this survey of tenants is required to find out what tenants think.

“Unless the survey shows an appetite for change away from the current open market test, it will be difficult to persuade government to introduce a new rent test.”

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