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Scoliosis GETS CRACKED LOUDLY ~ ASMR Relax to Back & Neck Pain Relief from Chiropractic Adjustment.

Location Mechanicsburg, PA.
~ Condenser Microphone Cracks & Crunches
~ Quiet Face Paper & Quiet Office = ASMR
~ Mindfully Placed Ads ~ Relax
~ Chiropractic Sleep Time Remedy
~ Ached Away Pro


It’s 7am (4am on the West Coast;) and this morning’s yoga feels like we’re 1-week post heroes dose of funkadelic fungi

Where was Brent last week?

How about… spiraling through a vortex of infinite universes

It was, after all… a Tuesday

That’s how much I love you. Bc I haven’t missed a Thursday post in… well you know

SO, no less than the health of my soul was on the scale, weighing against the Cal Ripken-like journey of this ASMR chiropractic content

Thus, with gratitude, I present to you the de-tales of a quest that brought life back to my breath… an experience of near-death

don’t get me wrong, we’ve been here before my friends. But the entanglement changes with intent, setting, and participants

Like a roller coaster. The same ride feels different depending on where your A** is at. Are you a front or back-rower?

They’re all game-changing roller coaster rides, but this one unveiled a truth that i invite you to consider as a possibility

Bc the visions of geometry and celestial architecture are a reality… the construct of a hidden world all around us and the sacred sensations from within

And the beings in the room… well, the ONE being if you go far enough… revealed in the continuous slither of the cosmic serpent who spirals reality into manifestation

I bow…

Lo! And Behold!

Inspiration & Expiration

Breathe with me


The details of a vision in the shamanic realm… words can not describe

In this week’s description prescription we’re digressing on the energetic representation of a medicine ceremony through the spinal symbolism of SCOLIOSIS

Onset: We begin to notice an enhanced vibration in both the outer and inner world

“Chemical binoculars” as T.M. puts it. High def res screens that result from enhanced blood flow to your eyeballs and visual cortex

Sensations of bliss begin to swirl through the body

Kundalini, tantra, the shakers, the sufis, the ecstatic dancers… they all get here through various practices

But this is where the medicine begins to accelerate, algorithmically

The Shaman hits a drum, shakes a rattle, and sings the icaro

The sound is a vehicle that carries our consciousness through the moment

Leaving this primordial trance of living & breathing… the world which we believe is real 99.9% of waking reality slowly dissolves

Unto the unseen realm that is the source of the impulse which animates the entirety of existence…

Visions, perhaps entities… hallucinations of an alien architecture unfold from the fabric of space

Those things come, I say hi, and let them go

you have to keep on moving

There is still a point in which you can resist the medicine

That’s why you have to eat enough

So you have no choice… no say in the matter

the “decision-maker” inside of your dome piece takes a back seat

Here it comes

Closing your eyes opens the inner vision to the unfurling of the divine feminine

A giant snake encircles the medicine space

It’s skin is fluorescent with geometric patterning that is multidimensional



it emits a deep base pulsation into your auditory cortex

But it’s not just a vision in your mind’s eye… it’s a feeling at the cellular level

or perhaps even… molecular recognition

(feel your atoms bro)

your arms are flailing… walking is an improbable proposition… your hips writhe involuntarily

body contortions and wave-like propagations are progressing

let’s rhyme a bit

Elated is how we feel when subjugated…. by looooove

your vibn babe… keep going…


your inner awareness

your tantric preparedness

sensations from vibrations that are beyond intellectualization

If the universe keeps sending you this way, I’ll play

Attachment is the death blow to this flow


The participant is locked to the ground in ecstasy

The Shaman hits the drum

“She’s fine”



eventually… you essentially lose your identity

NOT INCIDENTALLY… but fundamentally in your biochemistry

The medicine is credibly and impeccably a remedy


the ego submits to its demise

death unto new life and breath


It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s OK.

Ride the wave bae



It’s time to paddle back out

The tide lifts as the moon drifts

Plato’s shadows went searching for their source

And they found it… waiting for them with open arms

Wanting… just wanting to help

Loving every fragment of your beautiful perfection

the reflection of a cosmos. made. of. love.


Thanks for reading, being, chillin, and free willin

Breathe with me, always

I do this for you

But maybe one day… we’ll do something else

Scoliosis GETS CRACKED LOUDLY ASMR Relax to Back & Neck Pain Relief from Chiropractic Adjustment.


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