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Savory Herbed Vegan Tempeh Stew

This herby, fragrant vegan tempeh stew with chunks of flavorful tempeh, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and rosemary is food to please your soul — and your belly — as the season turns. Serve over a bowl of rice or with a hunk of crusty, buttered bread for a hearty, cozy meal. This is a gluten-free, nut-free recipe.

Overhead shot of vegan tempeh stew with veggies like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, celery and onions with a garnish of celery in copper pan.

There is no better way to enjoy the cold weather than with a bowl of piping hot tempeh stew that’s fragrant with savory, perennial herbs and packed with succulent vegetables.

This is a surprisingly simple stew, with vegetables and pantry ingredients that you likely already have on hand, and it takes about 30 minutes from scratch to finish. It is also a mostly one-pot dish (you do need a bowl to toss the tempeh), and the only other food you need to serve with it is some rice or crusty bread. All reasons why it’s one of my favorite stews to make and eat.

Tempeh is a wonderful and healthy protein to add to stews, especially if you’re squeamish about using meat substitutes. It is especially delicious in this stew because I pack into it lots of flavor by tossing it first in seasoned flour and roasting it. This also gives the tempeh a chewy texture on the outside, and makes it really creamy and delicious on the inside.

I used dry herbs in this stew because it’s mainly a cooler weather stew, but you can definitely grab any perennial herbs that are still thriving in your backyard and toss them in, including rosemary and sage. They add smoky, delicious flavor, making the tempeh stew even more appetizing.

Closeup of vegan stew with tempeh and veggies with a parsley garnish.

Why you will love this Tempeh Stew

  • It is so aromatic. Your whole home will smell delicious as it cooks, and the fragrance will linger, tickling your tastebuds, for hours to come.
  • It is so healthy. The stew is packed with nothing but good-for-you foods, from the tempeh to the assorted veggies, including potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and mushrooms. You can make it oil-free and add in other seasonal veggies (see FAQs below).
  • It is so delicious. This stew has so many flavors, and tomato paste, liquid aminos and mushrooms add in tons of umami to make your tastebuds sing.
  • It is everyone-friendly. Okay, there is soy in this recipe with the tempeh and the optional liquid aminos/soy sauce. But you can sub in beans if you are soy-free, see the FAQs below. The recipe is gluten-free and nut-free and it is vegan, of course.
  • It is a one-dish meal. You can chow down on this stew by itself, or serve it with rice or crusty bread. A leafy salad on the side would be nice, but given how many veggies are in the stew it is not necessary.

Tempeh Stew: Ingredients

  • Tempeh. The original flavor.
  • Gluten-free all purpose flour (or rice flour or regular all purpose flour). I made the stew gluten-free but I have also made this with regular all purpose flour and it works just as nicely.
  • Dry rosemary or sage. If you can’t use either of these, oregano or marjoram are good substitutes. You can also use a mix. This is an herby stew so be generous with the herbs.
  • Olive oil. Or any vegetable oil.
  • Dry white wine (optional). The alcohol cooks out so you and your kids won’t get drunk. 😉 But if you absolutely can’t use it, use a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar instead.
  • For the aromatic vegetable base (mirepoix): onions, celery and carrots.
  • Garlic. For flavor.
  • Tomato paste. For umami and delicious color.
  • Liquid aminos. This adds more color and flavor and umami. Soy sauce or tamari will work as substitutes.
  • Potatoes. I just love potatoes in stews, and almost always add them in when I’m making one. Try and use red or yellow potatoes here. If you don’t have anything but russets it’s okay to use them but they may not hold their shape when cooked.
  • Sweet potatoes. I used red sweet potatoes with a red-purple skin and white flesh. Orange sweet potatoes or purple sweet potatoes would work just as well.
  • Mushrooms. Just a handful, for more flavor and healthfulness.
  • Ground black pepper.
  • Salt
  • Vegan butter. Just a tablespoon, for adding rich flavor at the finish. You can leave this out.
  • Parsley. For a fresh finish and for a pretty garnish.

How to make Tempeh Stew

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