SADDLEBAGS + LOWER BELLY Fat | 9 Days 2 in 1 Challenge

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39 thoughts on “SADDLEBAGS + LOWER BELLY Fat | 9 Days 2 in 1 Challenge”
  1. Are yarr ye to nainsafi h comment padh kr apply karne walo k sath 🧐😅har koi first day dn likh dya h nd after 9th day koi update hi nh dya 😛😅

  2. Hello it’s my 12 the day but still I can’t see any changes in my body
    I can’t feel it to be an affective one
    Plz help me I need to know coz I have to lose my weight🙏🏻

  3. Hello…this is awesome vdo what actually I was searching… my height is 5.5 and weight is 72..from 13Jan' 23… I'm on diet and doing workout everyday but i was doing all over body workout.. one of my friend he told me that you need to reduce only lower body fat and lower belly fat…so today I just saw your vdo even though I have done ✅
    I'll definitely share my result here…thanks for sharing this video 🙏

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