Russia and China hold talks in the shadow of Ukraine war

In their first face-to-face meeting since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin has told China’s leader Xi Jinping that he values their “balanced position” on the war but understands that they have “questions and concerns”.


The talks – at a regional summit in Samarkand – were also the first time Mr Putin has spoken in public since Ukraine managed to drive Russian forces out of thousands of kilometers of occupied territory.
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39 thoughts on “Russia and China hold talks in the shadow of Ukraine war”
  1. China from the beginning said they are with Russia on the Ukraine massacres and war crimes. This is why we need to cut off our dependencies on these evil empires. Supporting them is like writing our death certificates

  2. Russia will only weaken it's bond with China as this war goes on. Now that he has mobilised more troops, it is clear to the world that he does not want peace. He must fall !!!

  3. China is full of pro-Russia propoganda now, but the main change is that Russia is subservient to China now. The Putin Xi relationship is similar to the Blair Bush one.

  4. Spoke to a few Russians I know this morning. Still have no idea what is going on, they think this is great. They actually think everyone in Europe is afraid of them invading and actually believe that’s going to happen soon.
    One of them told me I’d see tanks outside soon.
    Absolutely mad.

  5. How can you do this to your neighbor. The whole Global community is ashamed of Russia. How can Russians turn on there friends. Or is Russia and China like the Mafia all business.

  6. we Middle East people hope that Putin saves us from the biggest terrorist in the world America and NATO countries. please Putin save us from biggest terrorist in the world America and NATO countries.
    Long live Putin and great russia ❤️🇷🇺❤️

  7. The Russians should stage a Ukranian terrorist attack to insure public support, like the USA did on 9/11. When it comes to war mongering, the russians are innocent children compared to the USA.

  8. Why doesn't Russia hit the headquaters of the jewish billionaire zelensky and his jewish advisers? Afterall thats what the british and the americans to do the leadership of countries they invade and occupy.

  9. Isn’t it funny how you Don’t mention any of that corrupt backing of NATO in the European establishment who have engineered this conflict with the backing of the United States. Remember history repeat itself and we know that similar events led to World War I and two

  10. The more the west pumps Ukrainian the more they will die. 20% of Ukrainian lands has been lost forever is that a victory to Ukraine as well is million of their citizens who joins Russia now. The west didn't give that money for free. Both to blame for this conflict. God save humanity

  11. Use your enemy's weakness against themselves. Whilst waging weather warfare, financial warfare, Machiavellianism ramped up to it's highest degree. Propagandize the local population within your ruled country. Slowly and deliberately eliminate any dissidents through covert means. Direct means will gain too much attention. Only use direct means at the very end of your plan. Gain trust of the populace by mandating draconian laws under the guise of safety.

    What we're seeing now is very similar to the events happening prior to World War 2. Set stage up by creating and conducting orchestrated chaos. From Stalin's Soviet Union to Gorbachev's weakening of it, and then the death blow. Similarly to Hitler(as bad as he was, he was created through the geopolitical climate, someone had placed him there. By no coincidence). Like 1984, they've created the perfect scapegoat for a moral "punchbag" for the masses. Even those little tyrants in our everyday lives, hypocritically would use it as a perfect chance to assimilate the moral views reported by the media. "It's evil". And so it is. But nevertheless, the aims of the pariah, Putin, has a definitive goal that not many paid attention to in the past. Western media does not report it. Platforms owned by corporations allied to Big Corp, Google, does not allow the truth to be told. Now, Putin's actions isn't at all acceptable either. But the alternative would have been worse. Ukraine being used against Russia. Either way, Russia was in a critical Catch-22 situation.

    And so, on and on the war raged. The Psychopathic Cabal Elites were hoping in their cold, abysmal, calculating nature, that the masses they sought to win over, their minds would obviously react negatively to such a theatre being presented in the East. It would give them the opportunities to make and pass laws inside the Western alliances of their own to prepare for what's coming. They did not expect their Priestess, Queen Elizabeth II to die suddenly, but then again, they were prepared for that. They're the chess piece movers, making us the pawns. They've tried inciting World War 3 multiple times, but it failed many times. This time, somehow, things look like they are succeeding. As for why… we're just playing into it.

  12. So russia china building a pipeline. Us canada is canceling a pipeline.. 😒… Got it.. The problem with russia is they arent very good conquerors. They are world class at defending their home. To the point of literally scorched earth to defend their home land but logistically speaking, morale and from a offensive standpoint? Its just not who they are culturally imo. Putin is the perfect example of an a** hat whose not very good at being an a** hat. Ya know?

  13. Nothing change with their relationship, they need each other to maintain their dictatorships, since no one these rogue countries ( communists)with rogue people to be in alliance

  14. Nothing change with their relationship, they need each other to maintain their dictatorships, since no one these rogue countries ( communists)with rogue people to be in alliance

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