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Rule Zero Life: Would male birth control change the culture?

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10 thoughts on “Rule Zero Life: Would male birth control change the culture?

  1. I might be a terrible person, when thinking about a "soy" birthcontrol I'm liking the idea that my competition might actually sabotage themselves.

    I probably should feel bad for them, they dont know any better but I'll take whatever advantages I can get in the marketplace.

  2. Vasogel was being developed in India. A polymer that is injected into the male's vas deffrance. It blocks the delivery of sperm and stops their ability to swim. Keep an eye on this development. Its a game changer.

  3. Condoms have worked well for me. Properly disposed of coarse. Plus that extra barrier. Would rather live responsibly than rely on any form of an RX. Men shouldn't have to lean on presciptions because of their irresponsibility (unlike women). Good show gents.

  4. Talking about NOT natural. Clip this. @6:30 Testosterone will not lower aggression, Behavior drives Aggression NOT the other way around. Why do you even think this group of Alpha males can sit together and offer each other the most GENERIOUS rewards, the stuff what triggers testosterone (MAINLY reactive aggression) is most contradictory Been OVERLOOKED AND Guess by WHO ! .. wake up pls. Testosterone will only amplify an already pre-existing social structure.

  5. I hope I don't sound like another conspiracy theorist, but I suspect there are various organizations the benefit greatly from unwanted babies. Such organizations probably have enough money to outbid everybody when buying male birth control tech, then make sure it never goes on sale. Politicians need future voters, cannon fodder, for profit prisons, and wage slaves. "Women's centers" need a certain number of abortions. Pharmaceutical companies need sales of women's birth control devices, and they need to sell medical supplies to maternity wards.
    3:30 Also, there is a low birth rate in many eastern countries. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore are on that list.
    3:51 I have been told that the black abortion rate has been higher than the birth rate in New York City for over a decade. I'm not sure what the number is in other parts of the USA.
    8:15 I liked telling people that "It cuts the tails off the tadpoles."

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