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Restorative Practices Conferencing Online Workshop

11 Jun
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22 Jul
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Date: 13 Jul 2021 – 14 Jul 2021


Restorative Conferencing is a structure which allows for the management of an incident ( It provides those who have been affected by an incident to be part of the resolution.

Conferences are gaining significant prominence in Singapore having been adopted by the State Courts, mediation centers, community resolution centers and schools It is a communitarian response based on collective accountability that builds social capital and brings values to youth and children.

Key Focus of Restorative Conferencing:

• Holding wrongdoers accountable in a meaningful way to address the needs of those affected and to reduce recidivism and reoffending.

• Broadening responses to wrongdoing by repairing relationships and reconnecting people to their communities.

• Encouraging communities to move away from systems that do not produce the outcomes desired.


• Learn Restorative Practices Principles, Values and Skills;

• Understand the different types of Conferences;

– Small Group Conference

– Wrong Doer Victim Conference

– Family Group Conference

– Community Group Conference

• Acquire knowledge and skills to plan and conduct a Conference;

• Ways to engage stakeholders, parents and the community

• Understand Affect Theory and Reintegration Theory that underlie the

Conferencing Process.


David is a recognized world leader in the development of Restorative Practices His extensive experience as a classroom teacher, counselor and trainer in various schools and institutions around the world including Japan,

Brazil, Singapore and Australia has led him to be an internationally acclaimed and highly sought after RP Trainer.

David has expanded the application of RP to tackle cyber bullying and problems arising from social networking across a diverse range of school communities As a teacher and counsellor working in a range of international

schools, David applies RP daily in his classrooms.

David has also authored several books that are rich with practical strategies that are suitable to engage all age groups including very young children He is also interested and expands in the latest research on neuroscience in the area of Positive behavior.

Duration: 13 July 2021 (9.00am to 4.00pm)

14 July 2021 (2.00pm to 5.30pm)

Venue: Online

Website: Go to event website

Contact: Email Organizer

Brochure: Download

Normal Price: $610

Early Bird Price: $560(End on 1st Jul)

Language: English

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