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Reasons To Be Grateful Week 4 (Final Week)

A task set to capture the moment

when I felt grateful in any way

As I reflect on this week gone by

with a photo taken every day

An early evening walk

casting tall shadows down the lane

A late afternoon walk

during a brief break in the rain

The colour of rhododendron

to brighten the dullest day

A date booked in my diary

for a weekend getaway

Springwatch is on the TV

but my focus is drawn outside

I watch rabbits feed and play

their antics keep me occupied

A funny scene catches your eye

and you capture it in time

An image inspires a write

and you manage to make it rhyme

Some things can not be photographed

a memory that makes you smile

the time you hear from a friend

you haven’t heard from in a while

When your husband agrees

that a cinema trip is due

even when the film showing

is Peter Rabbit Two

A task set over four weeks

to take a photo every day

to capture the moment

when I felt grateful in anyway

This challenge I found helpful

to find gratitude in many ways

I hope I will continue

to find gratitude in future days

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