Raw Dog, Sucking Toes & Male Birth Control – Real Talk Pill Talk Ep 18

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00:00 Intro
01:50 Weirdo Kids
06:31 The Boogie Man
08:50 The Darkness
11:35 Them Toes Tho
17:40 Ima Manscaped Thot
22:00 Selfcare Zaddy
23:00 Loc’d & Loaded
24:00 Baldy
24:30 I’m Jelly Of My Dad
25:17 She’s Not A Fan
27:15 Baldy Pindell
27:58 Bigen Warrior
29:28 Trust Her With Your Hairline
30:49 Do Women Purchase Condoms?
33:26 Are Women Condoms A Thing?
34:14 Raw Dog Baby Prevention Oil
37:57 Who Should Bring The Rubbers
41:57 THUMP thump… THUMP thump
43:20 Everybody Wants It
43:58 Male Birth Control
50:40 The Sugar Walls
51:13 Men Trap Women Too
51:55 Buy You A Drink
52:21 Unwanted Stop & Frisk
57:00 Sexual Harassment Double Standards
58:07 Drum Line Stroll Violation
59:03 Consent Is Sexy
1:00:50 Relationship Boundaries
1:02:58 Family Boundaries
1:08:10 Outro

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40 thoughts on “Raw Dog, Sucking Toes & Male Birth Control – Real Talk Pill Talk Ep 18

  1. ประวิตร วงสุวรรณ says:


  2. Ain't no way my boa was out here eating the boogies…..well at least I won't the only one. 🤣

    RT you use to save them joints????🤣🤣🤣

  3. I used to be so scared of dogs. Like, I would cross the street and run if one ever came next to me. I didn’t get over that fear until sophomore year of college. I was really grown running away from the smallest dogs. 😂😅

  4. I too was the boogie kid until all that ish got barfed up and I couldn’t go to the bathroom to spit it out bc some kid was in there for like 15 mins straight. It was in like 2nd grade. Never ate buggies again 😖

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