r/JustNoMil Mil helped ruin my marriage reddit stories

In this episode of reddit top posts & best stories from r/justNoMIL & Mother In Laws From Hell : 00:00 : intro 00:33 : story1 05:53 …


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9 thoughts on “r/JustNoMil Mil helped ruin my marriage reddit stories”
  1. Story 1
    Your MIL was toxic and she destroyed your marriage because of what she said she missed out on your child her grandchild,and your husband cheated on you then thought you would be stupid enough to take him back I hope you went on to a have a wonderful life I would have paid to see his face in court,well he got to pay child support and I hope he went on to have a long and lonely life

  2. Story 2
    Your mother had a abusive childhood,so she was ignorant of normal no you saw your true grandmother and your grandmother saw you as her do over baby and the trauma of a c section and having her baby snatched she probably suffered post partem depression which grand mother took advantage of,she sounds like the mother from hell and it saves your babies from her ,she would have repeated the pattern with your babies and I hope you grow to understand your mother

  3. Story 3
    Your husband should have blocked the number, you have shades of your future she's the third wheel in your marriage,she's going to continue so I would bring this up and manipulation and I would tell him no door key ,and your babies if you last that long is a warning sign his enmeshed with his mother,boy let's not have relations mummy might call ,so please bring it up his not married to her

  4. The thought of you guys having a very romantic time in the fun of you guys making love drove her crazy that’s all she could think about every minute while you guys were gone on your honeymoon that’s why she kept calling she cried and cried and cried wishing she was there instead of you duh

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